Mumcations for the Soul ❤

First of all, I would like to acknowledge the fact that ANY parent – either mum or dad – deserves a break. Mums have it hard because generally speaking, the mums are typically the parent who spends more time physically looking after the kids and the home while the dads are at work. In this day and age though, a lot of the “normal” situations may look different. A lot of modern women have gone straight back to work after giving birth, and more and more stay-at-home dads are emerging, and not to mention the households with two mums or two dads, or more? Lol. Then there’s the grandparents who do the parenting of their grandchildren! Let’s not forget them, because they are absolutely amazing – being willing to raise little children AGAIN even after their own children have all grown up. Whatever the situation is, if you are a PARENT, you know this fact: YOU NEED A VACATION.

Recently, I had the opportunity to spend a weekend away from my kids (and my husband) thanks to Groupon and their many wonderful hotel deals. If you are looking to just get away, anywhere, Groupon has so many options and they are such great value for money. I didn’t travel far at all for this mumcation, it was only a 25 minute drive from home and I got myself a 4-star hotel room for $90 which also includes 2x drinks and late 12pm checkout. I had the room all to myself, but I also had two other mums joining me and they got themselves their own separate room. It was bliss. We were walking distance from all the shops and restaurants, in fact we were right in the middle of a busy and central food hub, so we indulged in food and took advantage of the hotel facilities. I used the gym and swimming pool and had room service for breakfast. Just having a comfy bed all to myself and not having to worry about house chores or work for one weekend was a much welcomed mental break.

This year, I am feeling extremely blessed for the many trips we have already had as well as the mini getaways coming up:

2019 is an amazing year:

  • March: Hubby and I had a mini getaway for the weekend to The Chen, Box Hill in March.
  • Kids and I went to Malaysia for two weeks in April.
  • Our family went on a houseboat trip on the Murray River in April.
  • Our family spent Mother’s Day weekend in a farmhouse in May.
  • Kids and I spent a few days in Ballarat for Christmas in July.
  • Kids and I spent a few days in Phillip Island in September.
  • My mumcation at Glen Waverley in September.
  • Coming up mumcation party weekend with my sister in November.
  • Coming up hubby and I are spending a couple of nights in Cape Schanck for our anniversary and my birthday

So I guess I would just like to take this moment to count my blessings. These little trips all count towards my mental happiness… lol. Having something to look forward to makes me strive to work harder, and be a happier person in general. Whenever I am having a bad day, I have something to look forward to.. and I know there is a light at the end of the tunnel. So I am grateful. Grateful for my family, for my life, even though my house is a huge mess and I wish everything would look spotless and clean by just a click of my finger, I am thankful for this messy nest of a home we live in.

But seriously though, I wish my house was spotless and clean… but since it’s not, take me back to another mumcation please so I can escape this mess for at least a day! I want to just put on that robe and slippers, order my room service and lay on my hotel bed all day 😜

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