And It’s A…..

In most pregnancies, the 20-week scan is one of the most important and exciting milestones! Yes, I am only 19 weeks pregnant but we had to do our scan a bit earlier so I can have peace of mind travelling to Malaysia for a holiday next week.  Hubby and I were very excited, and a bit nervous earlier today! After all, we haven’t seen our baby for 12 whole weeks since we had our first scan at 7 weeks. Hubby and I have decided to skip the scans in betweens (the scans for Down Syndrome, etc) because it wasn’t going … Continue reading And It’s A…..

Week 18: Feeling Strangely Normal

I feel strangely… normal, today. No bloating. My belly is not showing as much as it did a few days ago (bloating probably contributed to how big my belly looks day by day). Nausea hasn’t been happening for a while now, which is fantastic. My lower back pains definitely gone, for now. I actually feel almost, not pregnant! Is there something wrong?? Deep down I know I’m just having a good, pain-free day and I am thankful for this. After all, they say the 2nd trimester is the best time for the pregnancy and we are supposed to feel the … Continue reading Week 18: Feeling Strangely Normal

Party Mama!

Last Friday night, hubby and I threw a massive party at our house to celebrate his 27th birthday. It wasn’t a significant birthday, but we decided to throw a huge party anyway – after all, we may not have this luxury of big parties after the baby is born! So we filled up the entire bathtub with beers, and I had hot food coming out every 30 minutes, and our house was packed with people just chatting away, or having a game of pool, or playing SingStar of Guitar Hero, or just chilling outside (literally chillin’ as it was a … Continue reading Party Mama!

Week 17: Posterior Pelvic Pain

In my first 12 weeks of pregnancy, I went through a horrible phase of feeling like a vegetable most of the time and feeling nauseous (especially at night) and some vomiting on my worst days. As I gradually pass the first trimester, I start feeling less nauseous (although I still feel sick every once in a while especially when I’m carsick or hungry) and things generally feel a lot better. A new problem I’m starting to have though, is a deep pain very low down my spine pretty much deep within my buttocks. The pain is especially bad whenever I … Continue reading Week 17: Posterior Pelvic Pain

The Beginning…

This is a beginning to everything… beginning to a new life creation, beginning of a new blessing, beginning of a new journey ahead for both my husband and I. I’ve decided to start this blog for a few reasons: 1) I’m not much a “scrapbook” person. Many mothers keep a scrapbook of their child growing up – after all, it is an amazing journey to watch your own child grow up and the special occasions and milestones. I hate scrapbooking. So I think keeping a blog of all the challenges, the beautiful moments, achievements, milestones, pictures.. would be the best … Continue reading The Beginning…