Kuching Food Adventures Part 6

Another round of amazing seafood tonight! Thanks to my cousin for shouting us this dinner. I have been so spoilt ever since I’ve arrived. The amount of food I have been having… the adventures as you can see on this blog… I really hope my hubby still recognizes me when I return to Melbourne, lol. This time around it was Pending Seafood. An open, outdoor area, similar to hawker stalls but most of the “stalls” or “kitchens” specialize in seafood. The experience is indeed very local. I’ve never been to Pending Seafood before tonight, and was pleasantly surprised to discover … Continue reading Kuching Food Adventures Part 6

Short Commercial Break :)

Hey everyone! I just wanted to thank those who regularly comes and visits this blog. Just a reminder especially to new visitors that I am currently on holidays in Malaysia, and therefore I haven’t been doing any cooking and have gone out to various places in Kuching to enjoy some absolutely divine, glorious local food! I will be back in Melbourne this weekend – so I’m definitely looking forward to getting back into action in my kitchen and experimenting with more recipes and cooking some food to share recipes with you on this blog! Thanks for keeping me going, and … Continue reading Short Commercial Break 🙂

Kuching Food Adventures Part 5

I just had an awesome weekend at Damai Beach Resort, Kuching. I really can’t remember the last time I was there… especially with my family. I remember as a child, we would regularly go and stay at the resort over the weekend as a family activity thing. Eventually, we all grew up.. and those trips are rare… BUT this weekend we re-lived those times all over again.. and as a result, I have new material to post on my food blog!! More FOOD! BUT, before we get to the food I had at the seafood restaurant near the beach resort… … Continue reading Kuching Food Adventures Part 5

Kuching Food Adventures Part 4

Day 4 and I am starting to struggle … what to eat? Where to eat? What to do? Where to go? LOL I know my adventures are not quite over yet… after all, I have yet to go on a seafood banquet, nor steamboat, so the BIG options are still there… the trouble is finding the smaller options.. so off to the hawker stalls I went. Easiest thing to do when you’re clueless! Go to the hawker stalls and you will almost always find something yummy 🙂 Rojak Sarawak at lunch. Shared with my parents. Sarawak Kolo Mee… also at … Continue reading Kuching Food Adventures Part 4

Kuching Food Adventures Part 3

Well, checking the time it is only 4.45pm and therefore I am blogging too early to include dinner and possibly supper! BUT technically I am cooking for the fam tonight, and I am making spaghetti bolognese with my homemade meatballs… so that’s NOT considered Kuching food and therefore cannot be included in this Kuching Food Adventure blog series anyway… so here’s a bit of an update! Food-wise only, of course. There is a time n place for everything and on this blog, only FOOD may be mentioned! Hahahahaa. Laksa Sarawak for brunch… Roast Chicken (served w/ rice) at lunch. Also … Continue reading Kuching Food Adventures Part 3

Kuching Food Adventures Part 2

Day Two in Kuching. I keep naming the blog heading “Part 1 and Part 2” instead of “Day 1 and Day 2” because I just didn’t want to commit to blogging every day. Nevertheless, so far I am doing well. I wasn’t planning on blogging at all, but I am just so proud of Kuching food. So proud of its authenticity and so happy to be able to enjoy it again. I did not want to forget this moment 🙂 SO, basically here I am again because once again I have spent most of my day eating, lol. Food is … Continue reading Kuching Food Adventures Part 2