taken from Australian Good Food May 2010 IssueRecipe by Gary Mehigan, MasterChef Australia Judge Kimba’s Review: I thought I’d try something different. Something that’s non-Asian, lol. Something that screams “Italiano!”. And guess what was on the cover of my new copy of Australian Good Food magazine this month?? Gary Mehigan’s favorite Italian comfort food! I had to try it. I was never really good at this whole Italian cooking thingy, so I had to just try it. Also for the variety of my blog.. it is after all Kimba’s World Kitchen and I aim to feature / try out dishes … Continue reading GARY’S SAUCY PASTA & MEATBALLS

SIO BI / SIU MAI Recipe (Minced Pork Parcels)

credits to Kimba’s Review: Call it Siu Mai, or Dim Sim, or Dim Sum, I will always call it Sio Bi because that’s what it is where I come from! From the city of Kuching, in the state of Sarawak, in Malaysia… I have always loved my little Sio Bi(s) from the open air markets, hawker stalls and food court. There is something about the authenticity of Kuching Sio Bi, and so far, I have NOT found anything similar or comes even close to what it tastes like in Kuching. Yes, they’re all different in Melbourne and I can’t … Continue reading SIO BI / SIU MAI Recipe (Minced Pork Parcels)


Kimba’s Original Recipe (although you really don’t need a recipe cause it’s so EASY!) Kimba’s Review: The great thing about Fried Bee Hoon is that it is so easy, and so simple, and it is almost ALWAYS a success. You just can’t go wrong! But I suppose there could be some cooks out there who is maybe just not used to Asian cooking and therefore just needs a bit of guidance to get started… so here’s a basic recipe. The rule with Fried Bee Hoon is that there IS no rule. You can add whatever you want to it, and … Continue reading FRIED VERMICELLI / FRIED BEE HOON Recipe


taken from “Delicious Casseroles” by Parragon Books 2007Serves 4  Kimba’s Review: I thought I’d start practicing for winter by trying a casserole dish, yet not your typical casserole. I picked this one because I love apple-y or apricot-ty cooked chicken… and this recipe looked delicious in the book! It turned out exactly what I imagined it would be. My little surprise was the caramelized apple… so delicious!! I would eat it on its own! Hahahahaa.. anyway, enjoy! 4 Chicken Marylands1 tbsp olive oil1 onion, chopped2 celery stalks, coarsely chopped1 1/2 tbsp all-purpose flour1 1/4 cups clear apple juice2/3 cup chicken … Continue reading CHICKEN & APPLE POT

Sambal Oelek Chilli Prawn Omelette

Kimba’s Original Recipe Kimba’s Review: This is a great idea for a simple Sunday lunch. Although, it’s not for the faint-hearted, lol. My hubby said he “nearly died” because it was so hot. Well, if you love spicy food – this might be just the dish for you. So simple and easy to make. You can always reduce the amount of sambal oelek to make it mild, so everyone can enjoy this recipe. Good luck! 🙂 300g large prawns2 onions, chopped into rings3 garlic cloves, finely chopped2 tablespoons of vegetable oil5 eggssalt and pepper1 1/2 tablespoons sambal oelek (use less … Continue reading Sambal Oelek Chilli Prawn Omelette


taken from the inside of my banana bread dish 😉 Kimba’s Review: I don’t bake as much as I cook, so this is easily my favorite recipe because it is so easy and so yummy! Whenever you have browning bananas, what best to do with them than to bake a banana bread? The recipe is very simple: Preheat oven to 160C. Cream 125g butter and 1 cup lightly packed brown sugar together with electric mixer. Add three eggs, beating well between each one. Fold in 1 3/4 cups self raising flour and 75g pecans. Stir in 3 mashed bananas, 1/2 … Continue reading BEST EVER BANANA BREAD RECIPE


SERVES 4Taken from “Meals in Minutes” by Cathay Books published in 1987 Kimba’s Review: This was one of the first few recipes I have ever tried in my history of cooking, lol. This photo was taken 2 years ago! I was a newlywed, in our rental property, and I knew I had to stop cooking “ready made” stuff from Coles (the ones you just pop into the oven). I knew I had to take it to the next level and cook something half impressive from scratch. So I went and searched for those cook books I bought from a church … Continue reading SPAGHETTI MARINARA