Brainstorming Out Loud

I was contemplating what I would use this space for.. after all, I haven’t done anything to publicize this space to anyone just yet.. so no one would be here snooping around (I hope! If you’re snooping.. go away! I am not done yet haha).

So I decided to brainstorm.. so here is a list of THINGS that I could potentially use this blog for. It may end up being just one of these things if I decide to focus on a niche, or some, or ALL of the things mentioned below! Oh boy.. I am still pretty clueless aren’t I.

  • Back to basics – ALL ABOUT FOOD
  • Product Reviews – food products, products related to kids, technology, gadgets, etc.
  • Restaurant Reviews
  • Travel Reviews
  • Parenting Issues
  • Home Improvement and Ideas
  • Healthy Living and Lifestyle (as if my lifestyle is super healthy at the moment, but could be a good motivation to BE healthier?)
  • Random Topics of Discussion – Current Events, Viral Topics, keeping up with what the world is busy talking about.
  • Movies, TV Shows and Music (Entertainment)
  • Marriage and Relationships (I am no expert.. but life has given me quite a fair amount of experience in this area lol!)
  • Photography (e.g. coming back into it.. I dabbled in photography briefly a few years ago and have always wanted to come back and re-explore this)
  • Social Media & Marketing (so serious, but always a topic of interest)

That is all I can think about right now. Interestingly enough, listing them all got me excited! I realize that these are all topics that I am actually quite passionate about and definitely make up a lot of who I am. I need to rush off and get to my Bible Study group now with babygirl, but I will be back!!


Brain Clutter

Brain full of notions

Ugh. Just as I sit here writing this my brain races at a speed I cannot keep up with and shoots signals EVERYWHERE. It literally drives me crazy. This is why I have decided to blog again. Not just to vent, but to try and declutter my brain and maybe even organize my thoughts into deep and meaningful words of wisdom as reminders not only to myself, but to whoever out there who could be interested in what I have to say.

I am sure a lot of you can relate. Stay at home mom, anyone? Young children, anyone? Formerly building a decent career… maybe something corporate and perhaps, creative? Used to be highly driven? Motivated to be successful? At the same time, feeling so blessed to have found man of dreams and got married and settled down.. bought a home.. had children? Got over-consumed by the daily demands of these little human beings… maybe forgotten how to take care of yourself? Trying to balance everything and be a wholesome person? Trying to keep up with staying healthy? Trying to be a good mom, good wife and an even better housewife? Trying to maintain ORDER under your roof, your territory, your safe haven, that is also your place of work? Yes, being all the above is HARD WORK so owning it and embracing it? Trying to keep a sense of self.. and therefore allowing the indulgence of the occasional girls night where you let loose a little and enjoy a really awesome night out that involves cocktails and dancing? Trying to keep the marriage strong and also allowing time to go on date nights and the occasional special occasion getaways and short retreat child-free? Trying to maintain a SENSE OF IDENTITY and therefore squeezing in the time for a hobby, or an interest.. maybe Zumba lessons or yoga, or perhaps writing a blog (haha!) or perhaps dabbling in photography or a small home-based business that doesn’t really pay the bills but AT LEAST YOU CAN CLAIM THAT YOU ARE DOING SOMETHING other than the neverending cycle of motherhood.

Can you relate to some of the above? Maybe even to ALL of them?

You know, now that I have listed most of that down.. I am actually amazed at how many women out there actually do the things I do and probably even think the way I think. I know I may even be overthinking by thinking about what I think, but I think my brain needs to declutter. I know I need to focus on one thing at a time, but I also know that I need to be able to see the overall picture and be under the impression that I GOT IT ALL UNDER CONTROL.

To summarize, I need to feel productive and useful – yet have down time to do nothing. I need to have the flexibility of making changes to my plans, and yet achieve my goals. I need to know my limits, and yet not deprive myself of the once in a lifetime opportunities that I should seize, if they happen to be presented. I need to constantly review my current stage in life and decide what should change, or how some things can be done better.

I have so many ideas in my head.. mostly related to home improvement but some also related to SELF improvement… I need to be able to identify these ideas and then prioritize.

This is why I’m here. Let’s do this!