Family Photography in Berwick, VIC

It has been YEARS since I last did a photo shoot… and today I did a maternity/family photo shoot for my dear friend Diana, and I was reminded of how much fun it truly was to capture those precious family moments. There were even tears and everything!!

I took a break from photography because the amount of time required to edit photos were too much for me to handle back when the kids were still really young. Plus, the photo shoots were mostly on weekends and that was taking time away from my family life. Now that they are older and in school, and I am back at work part-time (digital marketing), I am actually seriously considering taking baby steps back into photography.

I guess we will just wait and see. I have reactivated my profile at and I started posting photos on Facebook again. I will leave it at that, and if any enquiries come through.. I might even respond, lol.

Here are some photos taken earlier today 🙂


Newborn – Annabel

Little Miss A arrived at my home studio nice and sleepy and we got a few shots of her while she was still sleeping and still rugged up in her winter outfit. However, as soon as we stripped her she was wide awake! So mummy did everything she could to try and get her to fall into deep sleep again… she fed and fed… and stroked and rocked and shushed… even went out for a drive… then came back to a nice pre-warmed towel… by the end of the session it has been 2 and a half hours, but hey that’s all part of the challenges of Newborn Photography 🙂

Newborn Photography, Berwick

This week, I had the opportunity to photograph a very special subject… my beautiful new nephew, Zachariah! At only 9 days, Zach was a precious little man sleeping and snuggling away during the photo shoot. I must admit I don’t do a lot of newborn photo shoots, but when I do it is just so special! Looking forward to doing more of these shoots, I have so many ideas I would love to show off in my photos. So if you are expecting a baby soon, let me know and book me in! We can be flexible with the date and time (I understand how unpredictable babies can be!) and we will aim to schedule it within the first 2 weeks from bub’s birth as that is the best time for newborn photography.

Photo Shoot Guide: Don’t Stress, Just Be Yourselves

This week was fairly quiet and I only had one photo shoot with a lovely couple and their 6+ months old boy, Jasher. Jasher wasn’t being his usual smiling and giggly self as he hasn’t been well, but the little man soldiered on and we did the best we could to keep him happy and comfortable. Eventually we got a few smiles out of him, especially when the shots include mummy and daddy 🙂
So you see, you don’t need to worry about whether your bub will be in a good mood or not, whether they will smile for the camera or not, whether they have had enough sleep or not, don’t stress about coming to a photo shoot! Just come and be yourselves, and let me capture the moment naturally without worrying too much about “posing” 🙂

4 Generations of Women

Just finished up another photo shoot session today with 4 generations of women – it was such a special moment and I am sure this beautiful family will cherish these photos for a long, long time. Unfortunately, they have decided to keep their photos private and I respect their wishes, but at least I get to show off their hands… hehe.