Mumcations for the Soul ❤

First of all, I would like to acknowledge the fact that ANY parent – either mum or dad – deserves a break. Mums have it hard because generally speaking, the mums are typically the parent who spends more time physically looking after the kids and the home while the dads are at work. In this day and age though, a lot of the “normal” situations may look different. A lot of modern women have gone straight back to work after giving birth, and more and more stay-at-home dads are emerging, and not to mention the households with two mums or … Continue reading Mumcations for the Soul ❤

Magnetized Wall – Fun Play for the Kids!

Note: My husband and I used to run a business that sells this product below. We no longer run this business, but I’ve decided to keep this post public because it is still a great product idea and we still have this wall and our kids (and other visiting kids) still love it! All links to actual products have been removed because we are no longer offering this product. Introducing our Magnetic Activity Wall for Interactive Play and Magnetic Display If you are anything like me, your entire fridge is covered with magnets – I personally have a collection of … Continue reading Magnetized Wall – Fun Play for the Kids!