Camping at Beechworth, Victoria

Beechworth is a well-preserved historical town located in the north-east of Victoria, Australia, famous for its major growth during the gold rush days of the mid-1850s. There is so much to do in this town, and we got a good taste of it during our recent camping trip over New Year’s at Lake Sambell Caravan Park.

The caravan park itself is HUGE, and it was extremely busy while we were there between the day after Boxing Day and just after New Year’s Day. We were there for 5 nights, and the week just went past so quickly! I absolutely loved our spot though, we were on the unpowered section of tent sites right next to the creek. It was nice and quiet, so peaceful, and the site itself is HUGE! So much space to set up multiple tents, park the car, and still have room to set up a spot to socialize and relax. Even though the caravan park was full (Micah calls it “camp city”) it didn’t feel cramped, crowded or stressful at all. Everyone was pretty chill, so there was a very relaxed vibe, and it wasn’t noisy at all. Not even on New Year’s Eve, when people stayed up to party, even with the various music playing across the park, it didn’t feel too noisy and there was still a nice sense of calm and peace. I loved it.

As the name suggests, yes the caravan park is located right near the lake. We took advantage of this lake for some water activities, a bit of boating and a bit of swimming. The caravan park also has its own mini golf course, and playground, and because it was New Year’s, they had their annual New Year’s Eve party which was great for families with kids games and activities, food trucks and movie nights.

As for our day-to-day activities, we mostly just enjoyed each other’s company. We brought our own cooktop so cooking was easy enough to do on our campsite. We also had solar panels to keep our phones and other devices charged. We sat around and played some board games, dipped our feet in the creek, the boys went for bike rides, and baby girl did some crafts.

As for when we were out and about, we visited the famous Beechworth Bakery and got some coffee, did the Old Beechworth Gaol tour, went to Woolshed Falls (absolutely beautiful!), picked berries at High Grove Berry Farm, and drove past the Beechworth Gorge. We had a tapas/bar snacks dinner at Empire Hotel (see my previous blog post), beer tasting at Bridge Road Brewers, cordial tasting at Billson’s (and bought cordial and coffee liqueur) and went to the famous Beechworth Honey shop (and bought a jar of creamy honey, honeycomb, honey nectar drink, honey lip balm, and I nearly bought honey candles but stopped myself just in time). So much fun, can’t wait to do it again this year!

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