Baby Food Movers by Smash Enterprises

Recently I was introduced to a new range of Baby Food Movers products by Smash Enterprises, the latest eco friendly lunch product range for busy parents on the move. The marketing team representing Smash has asked if I would be interested to review the products, and being a busy mum myself with a hectic social calendar week after week, I thought why not!
I was given a sample of the Food Tub Tray, which I absolutely love because it allows for convenient portion control with its little sized containers. It is very difficult to find small containers with a leak proof lid, and these lids are as leak-proof as they can get! I’ve stored water (to store in before transferring to a sippy cup to avoid spillage in my bag), and casseroles in these containers and they have not leaked a single drop. The plastic also do not leave a stain.. some low quality containers would have an “after-stain” when storing food like casseroles which has a strong coloured sauce. They are also dishwasher and microwave safe, which ticks all my boxes!
Micah also loves playing with them, and it’s in his favorite colour (green) and they are stackable on top of each other which makes playing with them even more fun!
I was also given the Milk Powder Dispenser to sample, but because I fully breastfeed I don’t particularly have a need for this product so I am giving it away to a friend. I did, however, test it with what little baby formula I had left in the cupboards (I bought a few sachets of baby formula for convenience for when babysitters are looking after Micah) to see how easy it was to use.
Compared to other typical milk dispensers, which are usually in the shape of a cup with a tiny dispensing lid on top, this design was definitely easier when it comes to actually dispensing the milk powder. The size itself is the exact portion required for one standard milk feed – unlike other milk dispensers which are usually larger is actually storing a lot more milk powder which then requires a separate spoon etc to measure out the exact quantity needed for the bottle. The milk powders comes out smoothly by removing the cap at the bottom of the dispenser.
HOWEVER, I did find it quite challenging to actually put the milk powder INTO the dispenser in the first place. Because it was so narrow, I almost needed a funnel to avoid making a mess! If anything needed to be improved, that would probably be my only thing.
Because of this review, I checked out the Product range by Smash Enterprises and was pleasantly surprised and excited about some of the other stuff they have too, especially their Nude Food Movers range of products, great for kids! You can check out all their products here.
I mean, how CUTE is this Banana Mover? I want one! Maybe even a few! Micah loves his bananas and I always have to pack him a banana in a little zip lock resealable bag which I end up throwing in the bin, and a few of those bags each day is really NOT eco-friendly!!

Week 44: Tis the Season for Walks and a Dance Video

Micah and I went out for a walk today (and we even made a new friend while we were out, but that is a different story) and last night, we went out for a walk together as a family when hubby got home from work. I love daylight savings, because it went we get extra daylight at night so we get to enjoy those family walks. The weather is getting warmer and warmer too, so it is definitely an opportunity to take more steps during the day and try to be healthy by doing lots of walking.

While I’ve been doing some walking, Micah has been doing some dancing and I managed to get it all on video! So this video is about five minutes of footage of him just going crazy with the bouncing and waving, it is quite amusing to watch and always puts a smile on my face whenever I have a rough day 🙂

So, Micah is officially 10 months old now and thriving. He continues to sleep well during the night, he sleeps better during the day too (still one sleep in the morning and one in the afternoon of between 1-2 hours each) and he eats his solids very well, loves his toasted sandwiches and especially fresh fruits, he has a veggie and meat casserole for dinner, and occasionally allowed baby custard for dessert. As you can see in the video, he loves his playtime and is a very active and happy kid. I’m a happy mum! He’s a great boy 🙂

Week 43: Summer Days… :-)

Today the temperature is set to soar up to 29 degrees. 29 degrees! For the first time in a long time, Micah went to sleep last night without the heater on (although eventually it got pretty cold later in the night so I got up at 2.30am to turn the heater on for him anyway) and he’s been dresssed in cute shorts and T-shirts all week. I am lovin’ it! I love seeing him dressed in shorts and T-shirts, makes him look like a little person. Wait, that doesn’t make any sense because he IS a little person! Ohh he just looks so CUTE in little clothes full stop.
The start of this week was pretty hectic and busy. We went and visited Leah and the twins on Monday, and then spontaneously booked a lunch at Chadstone on Tuesday. Before we went to Chadstone, I went out for a 40-minute walk and it was quite a sunny day but not as hot as it is today. I felt so unfit going up the hills! At least I did that walk, it made me feel less guilty about indulging in good food the rest of the day. After our delicious lunch at PappaRich Malaysian Restaurant in Chadstone, Micah fell asleep in the car on our way home so I just kept him awake the rest of the afternoon. The plan was to make sure he sleeps so I can go out to my Girls Night that night at Mexican House and have half priced margaritas without worrying about Micah waking up. Well, Micah slept alright and I went out and we had no issues the rest of the night yay!
The weather really started to get warmer and warmer since yesterday. It went right up to 28 degrees yesterday, and Micah and I had lunch out on the deck so he can make as much mess as he wants with his sandwich and the birds can come clean it up afterwards. It was a great idea and I will always eat with him outside now whenever the weather is good so I don’t have to clean up! Even for dinner with daylight savings coming up this weekend, there will still be daylight by the time we have dinner so we can eat outside more often. We had the umbrella out yesterday, because the sun was too bright, and Micah just kept looking up to check out the umbrella.
Oh, and I did two loads of washing yesterday and another load today and I AM UP TO DATE! Yayy to the sun making washing so much fun (not!) but at least it is a lot easier and quicker to dry our clothes… now I just need to put away the mountain of clean washing currently piled in the guest bedroom, where my sister would need to sleep in two weeks time when she comes to visit… hhhmmmm….
Because the weather is rather hot today, I choose not to go out haha. I say that now, but I’m sure when Micah wakes up I will be tempted to take him out to the shops or something… I am craving some cake and have debated internally about whether or not we should go out to the shops to get some cake. The heat will make it less tempting… because I don’t like getting in a hot car, but hot days are great for going out to the butchers because it is a freezer in Tasman Meats…. not that we’re running low on meat in our freezer, we’re just running low on the variety of meat in our freezer. I like making sure our freezer has all the different types of meat available for me to choose from whenever I am deciding what to cook. At the moment, we only have chicken and duck. I would love to stock up on some beef ribs, pork, and lamb… just so I have options!!

Chilli ‘n’ Chive Thai Restaurant & Tapas, Beaconsfield

A few weeks ago, hubby and I went to Chilli ‘n’ Chive Thai Restaurant in Beaconsfield for a friend’s birthday dinner. We’ve never been to this restaurant neither did we even know of its existence! Turns out we’ve been missing out… it is quite a good Thai restaurant with a lovely restaurant atmosphere and great food. It was the perfect place to have friends come together for a meal, also a cosy place for couples to have their weekly (or monthly.. or yearly? Lol) date night.

Looking through the menu they have split the items into Small, Medium and Large meals, which I thought was pretty clever so people could decide what to have based on how hungry they were at the time. I wasn’t too hungry, so I definitely wasn’t interested in a full on large main meal. I did, however want to try a couple of different things. So I ordered a Small meal as well as a Medium.

Son-In-Law Eggs $10

For my entree, I had the famous Son-In-Law Eggs – soft boiled eggs then fried until crisp, with tamarind sauce, fried shallots and chillis.

The eggs were cooked beautifully, the way it should be. The yolk was still soft and gooey and even the egg whites stayed soft textured so combine that with its crisp outer layer, you get perfect son-in-law eggs. I wasn’t a huge fan of the tamarind sauce though, I thought it was way too sweet for my liking, but that’s just how Thai cuisine can be sometimes. They are a lot sweeter than other South East Asian cuisines.

Roast Duck and Lychee Salad $19

For my Medium main course, I had the Roast Duck and Lychee Salad with Ginger, Red Onion and Peanuts. It was a very interesting salad. I love roast duck, and I love lychees, but I’ve never had them together! Especially when combined with the strong flavours of ginger and red onion… and then suddenly BAM! Peanuts! It was a weird concoction… but I wanted to give it a try. In the end I found I really enjoyed it, but I ended up eating most of the components in this salad separately anyway. The roast duck and lychee combination was great, but it was too weird with ginger and red onion. I just wasn’t sure.. and again, the salad dressing tasted too sweet! Was it just me? Maybe I’m just not a big fan of sweet savoury dishes. Savoury to me is meant to be salty, maybe a hint of sweet is great when coupled with a bit of acid (sour e.g. tomatoes, lemon, etc) but too much sweet and too much salty is just too weird for me.

In saying that, that duck was delicious and I love lychee so I ate most of the salads anyway.

Hubby had the Chicken Green Curry which was a very generous portion served with rice. They weren’t kidding when they categorised the curries as a Large main meal! It was a great green curry, full of flavours and deliciously creamy. Perfect for when you’re extra hungry!

Pad See Ew $18.90

Finally, my friend who sat next to me had the Pad See Ew – thick rice noodles with chinese brocolli and bean shoots – and I had a little taste and I am definitely ordering this one the next time I come back here! It was like a Thai version of the Malaysian Char Kuay Teow, very different yet similar because of the thick rice noodles used in this dish. I absolutely LOVED the flavours in this stirfry, loved the fact that the rice noodles have stayed intact and have not gone all mushy, loved the fact that I can have this and not feel guilty about not eating enough veggies because it is loaded with greens, LOVE the fact that they use Asian greens instead of western brocolli, carrots, etc. Love the peanutty flavour and the slight charcoal flavour from stirfrying it in a hot wok. Look forward to going back just to have a big plate of this and another serving of Son-In-Law eggs, hehe.

So overall, this restaurant definitely will go on my list of regulars (not that we go out that often) but we will definitely consider coming here again the next time we plan to dine out.

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Week 42: I Need To Stay Home and Do Laundry Tomorrow!

It’s 6.30pm and Micah is already fast asleep. Suddenly I’m not too sure what to do with all this TIME in my hands! Actually, I do. I haven’t blogged all week! Gee this week has gone so quickly. So much happened in this week alone, I’m not sure where to start…. *checks calendar to refresh memory*
First of all let me start with a weather update, lol. It got up to 28 degrees today with 40% humidity! That’s really warm, so it was great to dress Micah up in T-shirt and shorts for a change! Unfortunately it will go back to being freezing cold this weekend. Oh well that’s Melbourne!
I don’t think we really did much on Monday… oh yes, we were in our own little world of oblivion, Micah and I, that we didn’t even realise a house burglary happened right across the road from us during broad daylight!! Apparently the cops were on our street and all the neighbours were outside, and I didn’t even realise…. people also knocked on our front door but I ignored those knocks because they are usually annoying salespeople that time in the middle of the day!! So that’s a bit of drama…. which I completely missed out on, lol!
On Tuesday, I babysat my nephew Elijah for a short while. Micah seems to love having Elijah around. Leading up to Elijah coming over, he refused to go to sleep. Then he finally went to sleep leaving me with just enough time to go have a shower. Then Elijah arrived and Micah woke up. That was it. He had 40 minutes sleep all day. He fought and refused to sleep again that afternoon, so I just let him keep playing (he was happy anyway, not too grumpy unless there was something wrong e.g. pooey nappy or hungry) to tire himself out. 
The next day, we all went in my sister in law’s car on a mini roadtrip to visit a friend of ours who lives 45 minutes away. It was great fun. I love how Micah is old enough now to really “hang out” with his cousins and interact with them, to an extend e.g. randomly touching, randomly stealing toys, randomly giggle at each other. It’s so cute to watch!!
Later that night, I went out to dinner with friends from Mums Group. It was so good just to be out with the girls, have a yummy meal and a cocktail or two. Looking forward to having another Girls Night Out next Tuesday this time with friends from church. It’ll be so much fun!!
Today, we went to Fountain Gate and I did a bit of shopping for baby stuff then had lunch at Secret Recipe (which was a bit crazy because lunch with kids gets a little bit crazy but I embraced the craziness!) and then went shopping again! I was actually quite surprised that Micah behaved so perfectly. I guess he was full from lunch so quite content to just sit quietly in his pram while I try out some new clothes and bought them!
SO, I haven’t done any laundry all week and that’s a big no no when you have children. It is piling up, and it is piling up fast. I need to stay home tomorrow and resist any temptation to go out (DON’T tempt me!) and just do the laundry! I am guessing there are about 3 loads of washing that needs to get done. I am not kidding, if I don’t do the laundry tomorrow we will be in our dressing gowns all weekend. Hmm, which may not be a bad thing considering the weather will be depressing and cold again. Sounds rather comfy!
NO! Stop procrastinating, Kim and DO THE LAUNDRY!!

Someone Else’s Trash Is Our Treasure

A few weeks ago, as I was driving home from possibly shopping, I saw a little cubby house looking sad and lonely on the roadside outside our neighbour’s house two houses away. I decided I’d stop to have a look, and it was a perfectly good cubby house! Yes, the paint has faded due to sun damage, and there are a few minor plastic cracks but nothing that would actually damage the structural integrity of the cubby house!
I looked around and wondered how I was going to get the cubby house to our house all by myself. It was a weekday, and Micah was in the car, and if I didn’t act fast someone else would surely grab it! So I drove home and parked, and got Micah in his pram, and walked back over to the cubby house. I rang our neighbour’s doorbell a few times, just to make sure they’re OK with me taking it (and also to see if anyone was home to help me carry it) but no answer. I heard kids screaming in the house, but they probably did not want to answer the doorbell thinking I was a door-to-door salesperson, or an electricity person, or a Jehovah’s Witness haha. Can’t blame them, I hate answering the door in the middle of the day myself!
The cubby house itself wasn’t heavy at all. It’s made out of plastic so probably did not weigh more than 10kg. The only issue was that its size made it awkward for me to carry on my own. Plus, I still had Micah to worry about!! But I decided to try anyway. I started by carrying the cubby house a few steps towards our house, then pushed the pram ahead of me a few steps, locked the pram so it doesn’t roll, went back and carried the cubby house a few steps ahead of the pram, walked back and unlocked the pram, pushed the pram a few steps ahead of the cubby house, and this went on and on and on… thankfully it was a nice day so I took my time! Cars that drove past probably thought I was a little bit desperate… but I didn’t care! This cubby house, which was someone’s else’s trash, is going to be our treasure and save us at least $100 if we were to buy it brand new from Aldi.

Finally made it home but I got stuck at our gate access to our backyard. The cubby house was too wide! So I just left it there outside the gate with some bins in front of it to “cover it” or “protect it” from someone else pinching it. What’s funny though is that if our neighbour were to walk past our house they would know exactly who took their old cubby house! Lol, but they have a HUGE properly built cubby house already so this little plastic one is probably just “loose change” for them and I probably did them a favor by helping them get rid of it.

Over the weekend, hubby helped me carry the cubby house over the gate so it’s finally in our backyard, on our deck. I gave it a good hose using high pressure water and it’s almost as good as new! Micah has a new toy now, cannot wait to see him play outside the next time we have a nice day.

He’s lovin’ it!

A bit of Feasting, Shopping & Playing

Micah and I had a day out at Chadstone Shopping Centre yesterday, and when I say “day out” I meant 3 hours lol. We had lunch with, I suppose I consider them “my two besties” because really they are probably my closest friends here in Melbourne since all my childhood / teenage best friends have all scattered all over the world. It was a great lunch at PappaRich (see blog post on my food blog here) and we looked around at the shops for a little bit before we had to get Micah back in the car for his afternoon nap.
While we were shopping, I got tempted and bought Micah a new outfit as pictured above. Why do we mums get sucked into buying cute new outfits for our kids?! Because they look so cute in them, that’s why.
Today’s another exciting day. We went to the play centre to catch up with Mums Group and the kids had a play which is always good fun. Micah had a good nap in the morning, so we stayed longer than usual and then he fell asleep in the car so I just kept driving.. and driving… all the way to Nar Nar Goon, lol. I ended up driving for close to an hour just so Micah can continue sleeping!
Although I must admit I had an ulterior motive. You see, if I waited to put Micah to bed when we get home, he probably won’t fall asleep until at least 3pm… and then he’ll wake up too late, and then he will want to stay up later, up to 8pm. I can’t have his bedtime be 8pm tonight. I’m planning to go out to dinner with hubby and catch up with a lot of our friends tonight!! We got our sister in law to babysit and everything. Micah HAS to be in bed before 7pm no matter what… so his little 40-minute nap in the car was perfect just to keep him going the rest of the afternoon and then he will be tired and ready for bed by 6.30pm. Hehe.
Can’t wait to go out to dinner tonight, it will be lots of fun. Lots of friends are coming, lots of great food, and I don’t breast feed at night anymore so I can have a cocktail or two.
I’m thinking we might go shopping at Fountain Gate tomorrow now that there’s about 60 new stores that just opened today… not sure though. We’ll see if we can get a car park. If not, I’ll just forget about that idea. Would be great to get in and take advantage of some of the Opening Offers though, only for this weekend. We shall see.
Also have a Girls Night to go to on Saturday, can’t wait for that either. It’s been a while since I’ve been going out having fun without Micah (although going out having fun WITH Micah is fun too) so I’m really looking forward to it!