We Live in a New World #covid19 #coronavirus

I never thought that my first post of 2020 will be this extraordinary… this year so far has brought on things we never even imagined we would experience in our lifetime. Earlier this year, Australia faced the biggest ever bushfire crisis. It was scary, and the scale of the disaster was just unbelievable. Thankfully, we got through that. The world all came together in support financially and physically, and the community did all they could to help in any way possible. And now, whilst we are still recovering from that major crisis, comes this global pandemic crisis. We are now … Continue reading We Live in a New World #covid19 #coronavirus

Baby Food Movers by Smash Enterprises

Recently I was introduced to a new range of Baby Food Movers products by Smash Enterprises, the latest eco friendly lunch product range for busy parents on the move. The marketing team representing Smash has asked if I would be interested to review the products, and being a busy mum myself with a hectic social calendar week after week, I thought why not! I was given a sample of the Food Tub Tray, which I absolutely love because it allows for convenient portion control with its little sized containers. It is very difficult to find small containers with a leak … Continue reading Baby Food Movers by Smash Enterprises

Week 44: Tis the Season for Walks and a Dance Video

Micah and I went out for a walk today (and we even made a new friend while we were out, but that is a different story) and last night, we went out for a walk together as a family when hubby got home from work. I love daylight savings, because it went we get extra daylight at night so we get to enjoy those family walks. The weather is getting warmer and warmer too, so it is definitely an opportunity to take more steps during the day and try to be healthy by doing lots of walking. While I’ve been … Continue reading Week 44: Tis the Season for Walks and a Dance Video

Week 43: Summer Days… :-)

Today the temperature is set to soar up to 29 degrees. 29 degrees! For the first time in a long time, Micah went to sleep last night without the heater on (although eventually it got pretty cold later in the night so I got up at 2.30am to turn the heater on for him anyway) and he’s been dresssed in cute shorts and T-shirts all week. I am lovin’ it! I love seeing him dressed in shorts and T-shirts, makes him look like a little person. Wait, that doesn’t make any sense because he IS a little person! Ohh he … Continue reading Week 43: Summer Days… 🙂

Chilli ‘n’ Chive Thai Restaurant & Tapas, Beaconsfield

A few weeks ago, hubby and I went to Chilli ‘n’ Chive Thai Restaurant in Beaconsfield for a friend’s birthday dinner. We’ve never been to this restaurant neither did we even know of its existence! Turns out we’ve been missing out… it is quite a good Thai restaurant with a lovely restaurant atmosphere and great food. It was the perfect place to have friends come together for a meal, also a cosy place for couples to have their weekly (or monthly.. or yearly? Lol) date night. Looking through the menu they have split the items into Small, Medium and Large … Continue reading Chilli ‘n’ Chive Thai Restaurant & Tapas, Beaconsfield

Week 42: I Need To Stay Home and Do Laundry Tomorrow!

It’s 6.30pm and Micah is already fast asleep. Suddenly I’m not too sure what to do with all this TIME in my hands! Actually, I do. I haven’t blogged all week! Gee this week has gone so quickly. So much happened in this week alone, I’m not sure where to start…. *checks calendar to refresh memory* First of all let me start with a weather update, lol. It got up to 28 degrees today with 40% humidity! That’s really warm, so it was great to dress Micah up in T-shirt and shorts for a change! Unfortunately it will go back … Continue reading Week 42: I Need To Stay Home and Do Laundry Tomorrow!

Someone Else’s Trash Is Our Treasure

A few weeks ago, as I was driving home from possibly shopping, I saw a little cubby house looking sad and lonely on the roadside outside our neighbour’s house two houses away. I decided I’d stop to have a look, and it was a perfectly good cubby house! Yes, the paint has faded due to sun damage, and there are a few minor plastic cracks but nothing that would actually damage the structural integrity of the cubby house! I looked around and wondered how I was going to get the cubby house to our house all by myself. It was … Continue reading Someone Else’s Trash Is Our Treasure