Happiness Comes from Within

This one is a bit of a more personal post for me… and I’ve decided to write this because it has been a while since I properly jotted down my thoughts. It took me a long time to realize this, and I’m not sure if it’s just because I’ve grown older and wiser (?!) or because I suddenly have perspective in life, or because being a mother changed me and my priorities… but something within me CHANGED, and I would say it changed within the last year or so.

It changed for the better.

But… what has changed? 🤔

What has triggered my sudden emotional and mental freedom… which in turn has resulted in me making healthier choices in my daily life, and stressing about little things a lot less, and focusing on my priorities and letting go of things that just aren’t necessary or fulfilling.

To be honest, I am not sure. All I know is, even when I go through my most stressful days – I instantly identify the need to STOP and take a break, and refocus. I have finally incorporated daily exercise into my life and I am feeling so much better in general. My kids are happier because I am happier. I still struggle from time to time when things get a bit overwhelming, but I get over it fairly quickly. I tend to avoid overthinking. I surround myself with people who bring me joy, and try to somewhat help those who are also struggling by encouraging them. I remove toxic people who are just not worth my time, lol. Sounds ruthless, I know.. but you gotta do you! Sometimes, you need to CHOOSE YOU in order to take care of the people around you who deserve to be around YOUR BEST YOU. Does that even make sense???

Maybe the fact that I have little things to constantly look forward to is also making me happier. In a few weeks, my sister will be in town and we are going to spend a weekend just sister bonding over an epic concert 😏. Then, a few weeks after that, my husband and I will be away for a couple of nights with no kids – to celebrate our 12th wedding anniversary and my 36th birthday. I look forward to quiet walks and fishing, being surrounded by nature, and of course – indulging in amazing dinners two nights in a row as part of our celebration. Next year, we have this huge Europe trip coming up in July. My youngest sister is getting married in the UK – and we will be spending 4 weeks in Europe! Well, my husband is only there for 3 weeks, but I am staying on to spend a week in Barcelona after the wedding… just hanging with my sisters. Maybe all that planning is making me happy. Maybe just having something so amazing to look forward to is creating inner peace lol. Whatever it is, I hope I always remember these few things: BE CONTENT, SPEAK KIND WORDS ONLY, STRESS LESS, STOP OVERTHINKING, LOOK AFTER MYSELF SO I CAN LOOK AFTER OTHERS BETTER, FOCUS ON WHAT’S MOST IMPORTANT, STOP WASTING TIME ON WHAT’S NOT. Most of all, I hope I always remember that HAPPINESS comes from within. I am responsible for my own happiness. It is not anyone else’s job to keep me happy. I need to also remember to pray, to thank God for my current peace, and to pray that if I ever struggle again that He would give me back this peace.

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