Baby Food Movers by Smash Enterprises

Recently I was introduced to a new range of Baby Food Movers products by Smash Enterprises, the latest eco friendly lunch product range for busy parents on the move. The marketing team representing Smash has asked if I would be interested to review the products, and being a busy mum myself with a hectic social calendar week after week, I thought why not!
I was given a sample of the Food Tub Tray, which I absolutely love because it allows for convenient portion control with its little sized containers. It is very difficult to find small containers with a leak proof lid, and these lids are as leak-proof as they can get! I’ve stored water (to store in before transferring to a sippy cup to avoid spillage in my bag), and casseroles in these containers and they have not leaked a single drop. The plastic also do not leave a stain.. some low quality containers would have an “after-stain” when storing food like casseroles which has a strong coloured sauce. They are also dishwasher and microwave safe, which ticks all my boxes!
Micah also loves playing with them, and it’s in his favorite colour (green) and they are stackable on top of each other which makes playing with them even more fun!
I was also given the Milk Powder Dispenser to sample, but because I fully breastfeed I don’t particularly have a need for this product so I am giving it away to a friend. I did, however, test it with what little baby formula I had left in the cupboards (I bought a few sachets of baby formula for convenience for when babysitters are looking after Micah) to see how easy it was to use.
Compared to other typical milk dispensers, which are usually in the shape of a cup with a tiny dispensing lid on top, this design was definitely easier when it comes to actually dispensing the milk powder. The size itself is the exact portion required for one standard milk feed – unlike other milk dispensers which are usually larger is actually storing a lot more milk powder which then requires a separate spoon etc to measure out the exact quantity needed for the bottle. The milk powders comes out smoothly by removing the cap at the bottom of the dispenser.
HOWEVER, I did find it quite challenging to actually put the milk powder INTO the dispenser in the first place. Because it was so narrow, I almost needed a funnel to avoid making a mess! If anything needed to be improved, that would probably be my only thing.
Because of this review, I checked out the Product range by Smash Enterprises and was pleasantly surprised and excited about some of the other stuff they have too, especially their Nude Food Movers range of products, great for kids! You can check out all their products here.
I mean, how CUTE is this Banana Mover? I want one! Maybe even a few! Micah loves his bananas and I always have to pack him a banana in a little zip lock resealable bag which I end up throwing in the bin, and a few of those bags each day is really NOT eco-friendly!!

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