PappaRich Malaysian Restaurant @ Chadstone

Beef and Chicken Satay
PappaRich is a very popular restaurant chain in Malaysia.. it is literally everywhere, in almost every shopping centre and I have been there many times when I’m not out eating at the hawkers stalls in Kuala Lumpur. So recently, when PappaRich just popped up in Chadstone Shopping Centre, a place I loveeee to hang out especially now that I no longer work full time and have the luxury to shop during the week, I was just so excited I had to go get my authentic Malaysian food fix!

I went there for the second time today. If I had anything bad to say about PappaRich, there is only one major problem – I want to eat EVERYTHING on the menu! Deciding what to order is a huge challenge, especially since everything in the menu looks and sounds so good! The food that came out wasn’t disappointing either, it was very authentically Malaysian and true to its reputation.

I always have and always will order a serve of their satay skewers, they were cooked perfectly with lots of flavour and the peanut sauce is delicious. I like to order the Mixed Satay Plate, which has both Beef and Chicken Satay. If I ever had to choose, I’d probably go Chicken, as they are a lot more tender and less chewy. The beef is still excellent, just a bit tougher therefore requires more chewing.

Pappa Wat Tan Hor

For my mains, after serious consideration, I decided to order the Pappa Wat Tan Hor. What an excellent choice that was! It was everything I ever wanted in a Hor Fun, the egg gravy was deliciously flavoursome and the flat noodles were nicely separated so they had a great texture to them. It was the perfect dish for me as today was a little bit chilly. Next time I’ll be sure to try their Nasi Lemak. Last time I went I had the Roti Canai which was delicious, but I didn’t like the Tandoori Chicken, I felt it was too dry.

Banana Fritters with Vanilla Ice Cream

Finally for dessert, I had the Banana Fritters with Ice Cream and they were the perfect finish to my meal! The banana fritters were perfect for two reasons: 1) The banana itself is nice and very ripe, which made it sweet and soft, yummy! 2) The batter is deliciously crunchy and had great flavour. Together with the ice cream, it was delightful!

There’s really not much more I can say…. PappaRich is a true Malaysian restaurant and this review is nice and short because I had a nice and simple lunch. If I were to go with a group of people and we were able to share the meals, I’d probably have a lot more to say.

For now, just stay tuned because you will probably see a lot more PappaRich dishes being added to this blog post as I plan to go back again and again and again… until I’ve tried everything else. Seriously, I want to eat the Hainanese Chicken, Prawn Mee, Ipoh Kuay Teow, Asam Laksa, Special Briyani with Fried Chicken, Nasi Lemak Special, MORE Satay, MORE Roti and the list goes on and on… I am salivating just thinking about it and I’ve just come back from lunch!

Edit 2/10/2012: Yes I have gone back today and this time I had the Pappa Mee (Mee Goreng) which was everything a mee goreng should be. It was pretty authentic and true to the real Malaysian Mee Goreng, atwith the lime (gotta have the lime!) and the right noodles, it’s fried dry not soggy, and has all the right mix of seafood, tomatoes, and tofu. What I didn’t get was why were there cubed potatoes in my mee goreng? Totally unnecessary considering tofu was there too for the “starchy” texture.

Nasi Briyani Special with Fried Chicken and Sambal Prawns
Ipoh Kuay Teow Soup
Hainanese Steamed Chicken
Roti Canai

Edit 24/10/2012: Yes, back at PappaRich today and this time I went with my sister who is in town visiting me from Malaysia. She had the Nasi Briyani Special with Fried Chicken and Sambal Prawns and she was quite happy with the authenticity of the food here at PappaRich. Pretty much 100% exactly like what you would get if you were eating at PappaRich in Kuala Lumpur, according to her.

I ordered the Ipoh Kuay Teow Soup with Steamed Chicken, I got the best of both worlds. Craved soupy noodles for a while now and I got it. It was a good broth but the kuay teow’s too thin and too soggy but still not bad. I would’ve preferred the original wider and slightly thicker kuay teow for the texture. The steamed chicken was good too, but the soy sauce tasted a bit too sweet. Still delicious though, it was steamed just right and the chicken was nice and soft.

My 10-month old son ate pretty much most of the Roti Canai. He loved it! Probably because the roti tasted sweet. He loves anything sweet, lol. Loved the sambal that came with the Roti (no, I did not give my son any spicy sambal haha) it was quite spicy the way I always like it.

Anyway, you can check out PappaRich’s amazing menu here and drool all over it yourself…

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  1. Ah, I just went to the Doncaster one over the weekend and loved the skewers as well! I went for the roti which I liked too and am looking forward when they open another one in Nunawading!


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