A bit of Feasting, Shopping & Playing

Micah and I had a day out at Chadstone Shopping Centre yesterday, and when I say “day out” I meant 3 hours lol. We had lunch with, I suppose I consider them “my two besties” because really they are probably my closest friends here in Melbourne since all my childhood / teenage best friends have all scattered all over the world. It was a great lunch at PappaRich (see blog post on my food blog here) and we looked around at the shops for a little bit before we had to get Micah back in the car for his afternoon nap.
While we were shopping, I got tempted and bought Micah a new outfit as pictured above. Why do we mums get sucked into buying cute new outfits for our kids?! Because they look so cute in them, that’s why.
Today’s another exciting day. We went to the play centre to catch up with Mums Group and the kids had a play which is always good fun. Micah had a good nap in the morning, so we stayed longer than usual and then he fell asleep in the car so I just kept driving.. and driving… all the way to Nar Nar Goon, lol. I ended up driving for close to an hour just so Micah can continue sleeping!
Although I must admit I had an ulterior motive. You see, if I waited to put Micah to bed when we get home, he probably won’t fall asleep until at least 3pm… and then he’ll wake up too late, and then he will want to stay up later, up to 8pm. I can’t have his bedtime be 8pm tonight. I’m planning to go out to dinner with hubby and catch up with a lot of our friends tonight!! We got our sister in law to babysit and everything. Micah HAS to be in bed before 7pm no matter what… so his little 40-minute nap in the car was perfect just to keep him going the rest of the afternoon and then he will be tired and ready for bed by 6.30pm. Hehe.
Can’t wait to go out to dinner tonight, it will be lots of fun. Lots of friends are coming, lots of great food, and I don’t breast feed at night anymore so I can have a cocktail or two.
I’m thinking we might go shopping at Fountain Gate tomorrow now that there’s about 60 new stores that just opened today… not sure though. We’ll see if we can get a car park. If not, I’ll just forget about that idea. Would be great to get in and take advantage of some of the Opening Offers though, only for this weekend. We shall see.
Also have a Girls Night to go to on Saturday, can’t wait for that either. It’s been a while since I’ve been going out having fun without Micah (although going out having fun WITH Micah is fun too) so I’m really looking forward to it!

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