Someone Else’s Trash Is Our Treasure

A few weeks ago, as I was driving home from possibly shopping, I saw a little cubby house looking sad and lonely on the roadside outside our neighbour’s house two houses away. I decided I’d stop to have a look, and it was a perfectly good cubby house! Yes, the paint has faded due to sun damage, and there are a few minor plastic cracks but nothing that would actually damage the structural integrity of the cubby house!
I looked around and wondered how I was going to get the cubby house to our house all by myself. It was a weekday, and Micah was in the car, and if I didn’t act fast someone else would surely grab it! So I drove home and parked, and got Micah in his pram, and walked back over to the cubby house. I rang our neighbour’s doorbell a few times, just to make sure they’re OK with me taking it (and also to see if anyone was home to help me carry it) but no answer. I heard kids screaming in the house, but they probably did not want to answer the doorbell thinking I was a door-to-door salesperson, or an electricity person, or a Jehovah’s Witness haha. Can’t blame them, I hate answering the door in the middle of the day myself!
The cubby house itself wasn’t heavy at all. It’s made out of plastic so probably did not weigh more than 10kg. The only issue was that its size made it awkward for me to carry on my own. Plus, I still had Micah to worry about!! But I decided to try anyway. I started by carrying the cubby house a few steps towards our house, then pushed the pram ahead of me a few steps, locked the pram so it doesn’t roll, went back and carried the cubby house a few steps ahead of the pram, walked back and unlocked the pram, pushed the pram a few steps ahead of the cubby house, and this went on and on and on… thankfully it was a nice day so I took my time! Cars that drove past probably thought I was a little bit desperate… but I didn’t care! This cubby house, which was someone’s else’s trash, is going to be our treasure and save us at least $100 if we were to buy it brand new from Aldi.

Finally made it home but I got stuck at our gate access to our backyard. The cubby house was too wide! So I just left it there outside the gate with some bins in front of it to “cover it” or “protect it” from someone else pinching it. What’s funny though is that if our neighbour were to walk past our house they would know exactly who took their old cubby house! Lol, but they have a HUGE properly built cubby house already so this little plastic one is probably just “loose change” for them and I probably did them a favor by helping them get rid of it.

Over the weekend, hubby helped me carry the cubby house over the gate so it’s finally in our backyard, on our deck. I gave it a good hose using high pressure water and it’s almost as good as new! Micah has a new toy now, cannot wait to see him play outside the next time we have a nice day.

He’s lovin’ it!

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