Week 42: I Need To Stay Home and Do Laundry Tomorrow!

It’s 6.30pm and Micah is already fast asleep. Suddenly I’m not too sure what to do with all this TIME in my hands! Actually, I do. I haven’t blogged all week! Gee this week has gone so quickly. So much happened in this week alone, I’m not sure where to start…. *checks calendar to refresh memory*
First of all let me start with a weather update, lol. It got up to 28 degrees today with 40% humidity! That’s really warm, so it was great to dress Micah up in T-shirt and shorts for a change! Unfortunately it will go back to being freezing cold this weekend. Oh well that’s Melbourne!
I don’t think we really did much on Monday… oh yes, we were in our own little world of oblivion, Micah and I, that we didn’t even realise a house burglary happened right across the road from us during broad daylight!! Apparently the cops were on our street and all the neighbours were outside, and I didn’t even realise…. people also knocked on our front door but I ignored those knocks because they are usually annoying salespeople that time in the middle of the day!! So that’s a bit of drama…. which I completely missed out on, lol!
On Tuesday, I babysat my nephew Elijah for a short while. Micah seems to love having Elijah around. Leading up to Elijah coming over, he refused to go to sleep. Then he finally went to sleep leaving me with just enough time to go have a shower. Then Elijah arrived and Micah woke up. That was it. He had 40 minutes sleep all day. He fought and refused to sleep again that afternoon, so I just let him keep playing (he was happy anyway, not too grumpy unless there was something wrong e.g. pooey nappy or hungry) to tire himself out. 
The next day, we all went in my sister in law’s car on a mini roadtrip to visit a friend of ours who lives 45 minutes away. It was great fun. I love how Micah is old enough now to really “hang out” with his cousins and interact with them, to an extend e.g. randomly touching, randomly stealing toys, randomly giggle at each other. It’s so cute to watch!!
Later that night, I went out to dinner with friends from Mums Group. It was so good just to be out with the girls, have a yummy meal and a cocktail or two. Looking forward to having another Girls Night Out next Tuesday this time with friends from church. It’ll be so much fun!!
Today, we went to Fountain Gate and I did a bit of shopping for baby stuff then had lunch at Secret Recipe (which was a bit crazy because lunch with kids gets a little bit crazy but I embraced the craziness!) and then went shopping again! I was actually quite surprised that Micah behaved so perfectly. I guess he was full from lunch so quite content to just sit quietly in his pram while I try out some new clothes and bought them!
SO, I haven’t done any laundry all week and that’s a big no no when you have children. It is piling up, and it is piling up fast. I need to stay home tomorrow and resist any temptation to go out (DON’T tempt me!) and just do the laundry! I am guessing there are about 3 loads of washing that needs to get done. I am not kidding, if I don’t do the laundry tomorrow we will be in our dressing gowns all weekend. Hmm, which may not be a bad thing considering the weather will be depressing and cold again. Sounds rather comfy!
NO! Stop procrastinating, Kim and DO THE LAUNDRY!!

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