A bit of Feasting, Shopping & Playing

Micah and I had a day out at Chadstone Shopping Centre yesterday, and when I say “day out” I meant 3 hours lol. We had lunch with, I suppose I consider them “my two besties” because really they are probably my closest friends here in Melbourne since all my childhood / teenage best friends have all scattered all over the world. It was a great lunch at PappaRich (see blog post on my food blog here) and we looked around at the shops for a little bit before we had to get Micah back in the car for his afternoon … Continue reading A bit of Feasting, Shopping & Playing

PappaRich Malaysian Restaurant @ Chadstone

Beef and Chicken Satay PappaRich is a very popular restaurant chain in Malaysia.. it is literally everywhere, in almost every shopping centre and I have been there many times when I’m not out eating at the hawkers stalls in Kuala Lumpur. So recently, when PappaRich just popped up in Chadstone Shopping Centre, a place I loveeee to hang out especially now that I no longer work full time and have the luxury to shop during the week, I was just so excited I had to go get my authentic Malaysian food fix! I went there for the second time today. … Continue reading PappaRich Malaysian Restaurant @ Chadstone

More Photo Shoots!

I did two more photo shoots today, it was so much fun! Micah got to see his friends, and I got to practice my photo skills. I’ve learnt as I continue to do this that kids are so unpredictable. They are also all so different. They behave differently at different ages. Girls, within the age of 6-9 months are generally easier because they are not too mobile yet and they can be quite generous with their smiles. Any older than that, depending on the development of their motor skills, could get quite challenging! Take Micah for example, it is SO … Continue reading More Photo Shoots!

Week 41: An Eventful Weekend

Monday morning and I’m sitting here thinking “Phew! That was quite an eventful weekend!”… it was a very good busy weekend though, as we got to surround Micah with lots of people and he got lots of cuddles and our house was very busy and he just did not get the chance to get bored, lol. We were up nice and early on Saturday morning, especially hubby who took Micah to his play area at 6am so I can have a sleep-in, so really my day only started at 8am lol. Hubby then took Micah to Bunnings with him, as … Continue reading Week 41: An Eventful Weekend