This is me procrastinating…

I’m sitting here thinking I should really work on my next blog post for Kimba’s Kitchen due on Friday. Yes, I have deadlines for my other blog! On here, it’s more relaxed and no pressure to come up with content week after week… and yet I find myself not only blogging each week, but sometimes I blog a few times a week! I suppose it is a lot easier to just blog about life in general when you’re living it, and of course to write about your one and only child who pretty much consumes all of your thoughts, energy and time.
Don’t get me wrong, I love my food blog and I love writing for my food blog and of course I love cooking and eating to put together some content for my food blog. But to be honest, because my food blog has now become more “commercial” than it is personal, sometimes it feels like work… hahahaa, so here I am “escaping” to this blog to procrastinate!
Micah and I had a fairly lazy day today. I started off the day with a list of things I would like to do e.g. do a load of washing, do the dishes, vacuum the floors, grocery shopping, fill out forms for Micah’s modelling agency application, fill out forms for Centrelink application, write blog post (haha!) etc etc… but I ended up doing none of them. None. So what did I do all day? Well, I did manage to do one thing that wasn’t on my list. I cooked a Lamb Casserole for Micah and freezed many portions for his future meals. Hooray!
Other than that, I spent time with him playing and talking and snuggling and snoozing throughout the day. It was a wonderful lazy day and I absolutely love snuggling with my little man.
During his playtime though, I fell asleep on the couch while he was playing and it wasn’t long before he was onto me and decided to come and wake me up. He pulled himself up and stood next to the couch and started “swiping” his hands and “slapping” me, and he “kissed” me and I woke up with him basically eating my face! Cheeky little boy, I was enjoying my snooze! That was also when I decided to just pick him up and lay him next to me on the couch and we snoozed together.
Very happy with everything at the moment. Micah’s a lot more independent now that he is more “steady” when it comes to standing up and stuff. When he was first doing it, we had to watch him and be with him ALL the time to catch him when he falls. Now he hardly falls unless he’s distracted or too tired to focus on what he’s doing. So it’s all good, I can be in the kitchen doing other things and keeping an eye on him at the same time while he crawls around and plays with his toys or just stand there and look at me, lol.

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