Week 37: 8-Month Review

Last week, Micah was scheduled to go to his 8-month Maternal & Child Health (MCH) appointment at our usual MCH centre… let’s just call our usual place Centre A. Unfortunately I was very sick last week so I had to call to reschedule my appointment. Unfortunately, due to the massive baby boom in the area (everyone’s having kids these days) Centre A was fully booked and the only time available was 6 weeks away.. that won’t work for an 8-month check up when he is 8 months old NOW!
So I told the lady on the phone that I was happy to drive to another location and see a different nurse in another centre in the local surrounding area that had an available time slot. Centre B had availability this week. So I said okay. So Micah and I went to Centre B yesterday for his 8-month check up and review.
Our appointment was at 10.45am and I arrived nice and early at 10.35am. When I arrived, there was a lady waiting with her bub. We got to chat and I asked what time her appointment was (there was only one consult room and one nurse)… and she said 10.15! Wait a minute… if it’s 10.35 now, and she’s not even in that room yet, doesn’t that mean I get delayed another 30 minutes on top of the 10 minutes I already have to wait because I got there early?! Not cool. Sure enough, she went in at 10.45 and came out at 11.20. So we ended up waiting 45 minutes altogether… not cool! Especially when you have a restless toddler and have a lunch date with a friend after the appointment. No respect for other people’s time… tsk tsk. Centre A has always been fairly on time. The most I ever had to wait was 5-10 minutes. Boo Centre B.
The nurse wasn’t that pleasant either. She was a cranky old lady with very traditional views and no people skills. I really hate to say bad things about people but I just need to vent… why do we even go to these MCH appointments. Can’t we just see our GP? Whom we know we like and can trust? A lot of these nurses put their own personal spin into their advice to us when it comes to raising our kids. Yes, OUR kids so why do they get to tell us how to raise OUR kids?!
The best advice anyone has ever given me was to “raise our own child the way it suits us, because we know our baby best, and every baby is different”.
I won’t get into too much detail as to what this nurse said, because it annoys me everytime I think about it so I want to forget it and not document it on my blog (which might remind me someday).
Phew, it’s only Tuesday and I already feel like it’s been a big week. I have a few blog projects on the go so been keeping very busy with those. I have been treated to eating out the past few days, which is very rare these days! We went out to brunch over the weekend (for a blog post), I caught up with a friend on Monday for lunch at a local cafe, and today I went to the Botanical restaurant in South Yarra to be part of the judging panel for a new flavour of soup for La Zuppa. That blog post will be coming up very soon. It was a very lovely afternoon and we were all treated to an amazing 6-course meal! 
While I was out in the city for the lunch event today, Micah was babysat by a lovely family friend. He did very well considering I didn’t breastfeed him for almost 8 hours! I suppose that’s the benefit of him being a bit older and eating solids. I have never seen him so happy to see me when I went to pick him up! Makes me feel all gooey and warm inside. I enjoyed my baby-free afternoon, but at the same time I did miss him. He got lots of cuddles and kisses when we got home 🙂
Anyway, I need to go to bed. It is a normal thing these days for me to be in bed by 9pm. Routine can be so exhausting! Thankfully, Micah’s been sleeping a lot better at night so I’ve been getting good blocks of 6-7 hours sleep. The only problem is, my body is still not used to it, so I end up waking up every 3 hours anyway before falling back to sleep knowing Micah is still asleep.
Ohh…. sleep. I need that. I need that NOW. See ya!

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