Soaking Up The Sun

We love the warmer weather and have been spending more time out on the deck, soaking up the sun and breathing fresh air. Of course I see this as an opportunity for more outdoor shots, hehe.

And later that day… I took a few more shots but got really frustrated because Micah just won’t keep still. I think I will give this whole photo-taking business a bit of a break so Micah can get his groove back. Maybe he was trying to tell me “enough mum… just let me be for a few days” lol. I’m really starting to enjoy taking pictures with my camera, especially of Micah and of food. I love experimenting with different poses and angles, and different editing techniques. Good thing Micah has a playdate with two of his mates tomorrow so maybe I can use them as my new subject while I give Micah, the most photographed kid on Facebook, a break!

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