Lazy Sunday Series: Four Figs Cafe, Beaconsfield

Part 2: Breakfast at a Local

What is the best way to compliment your lazy Sunday’s and make them even more perfect? A hot cup of frothed coffee of course! Devondale Barista’s Own is made to deliver a consistent smooth creamy froth to your favourite style of coffee at home.

Spanish Baked Eggs with Buttered Toast, Chorizo, Roasted Capsicum and a Spicy Sauce!
Sundays can get pretty hectic in our household. Our little man is usually up by 6am so unfortunately we never get to sleep in. There is always an opportunity to be lazy though, instead of rushing around the house trying to get breakfast sorted before church, going out and enjoying a delicious breakfast cooked and prepared by someone else is a real treat. Not to mention the great coffee!

Here in Berwick and its surrounding suburbs there is absolutely no shortage of amazing cafes and restaurants. We locals love our coffee and food! Cafes are always packed, and some of them bring out some of the most amazing food I’ve ever seen. It is no wonder then that for Part 2 of my “Lazy Sunday Series” featuring Breakfast at a Local, I am excited just to have an excuse to go out and have some delicious brekkie!

Delicious pancakes with a caramel sauce, bananas, crumble, praline crunch and vanilla ice cream

Last weekend, hubby and I decided to return to Four Figs Cafe in Beaconsfield which is one of the top cafes on our list locally. They make great coffee, the service is prompt and most importantly the food never disappoints. I absolutely loved my Spanish Baked Eggs and the delicious spicy flavour of the sauce that pretty much gave me a good kick start to the day. I probably did not NEED dessert after that, but I ordered the pancakes anyway and boy was I glad I did!

When the pancakes arrived my mouth started salivating all over again. The caramel sauce was incredible (and I am so glad they were generous with the amount of sauce on my plate!) and the pancakes were soft and fluffy, and the best thing that made those pancakes perfect were the topping. They ticked every single MasterChef box when it came to preparing a dish… you had to have the different texture e.g. the softness, the crumbleness, lots of sauce, and some crunch. These pancakes had them all! To tie everything together even more perfectly was the ice cream. I was a happy mummy.

Of course, I never forget the coffee. I had two cappuccinos that day, not because I really needed that caffeine fix, it was simply because I wanted to and I could! It was the perfect Sunday breakfast and I cannot wait to do it all over again.

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What is the best way to compliment your lazy Sunday’s and make them even more perfect? A hot cup of frothed coffee of course! Devondale Barista’s Own is made to deliver a consistent smooth creamy froth to your favourite style of coffee at home. Check out some of the fantastic breakfast recipes in the Lazy Sunday Series thanks to Devondale Barista’s Own

30 thoughts on “Lazy Sunday Series: Four Figs Cafe, Beaconsfield

  1. I normally like porridge for breakkie but it doesn't really go with coffee. So a simple buttered toast will bring out the best in both.


  2. french crepes! every since having the crepes from the street stalls in paris i cant get enough of them, nothing like a fresh crepe followed by a frothy coffee, which could only happen if i went out for breakfast, i already have everything for the perfect crepes, now with Devondale Barista's Own Frothing Milk i can have the perfect breakfast every morning without leaving the house


  3. Toast is the perfect breakfast accompaniment to a frothy coffee made with Devondale Barista's Own frothing milk! It can be simply buttered or I can choose a to add one of a selection of spreads like vegemite, jam, marmalade or my favorite lemon butter. For a truly delectable and mouthwatering toast breaky I spread my toast with avocado add some crispy bacon and drizzle it with fresh lime juice. Toast, theres a new taste sensation every day.


  4. Well, if we're talking something non-edible than my two gorgeous kelpies always come out with me for brekky!But otherwise a meal that I had at my favourite cafe which is chocolate french toast with grilled banana and salted caramel. Yum!


  5. My favorite breakfast to accompany coffee made with Devondale Barista's Own Frothing Milk is a big bowl of home made Bircher Muesli soaked in fruit juice topped with toasted almonds, honeyed yogurt, fresh apple slices and caramelised peaches. Best Breakfast ever with a Yummy cup of coffee to top it off.


  6. Pancakes with bacon, sour cream and maple syrup. The combination of sweet, salty and sour and the different textures are heaven. A cup of coffee with Devondale's Barista's Own Frothing milk is the perfect chaser!


  7. Usually, I eat porridge in the morning; but, as I am asked my favorite breakfast: Eggs Florentine with English muffins, smoked Tasmanian salmon and Hollandaise sauce.Thank goodness for multi-culturism.


  8. Way too early, roll out of bed,Poached egg, cheese, pesto, toasted multigrain bread.It’s MY OWN GOURMET MCMUFFIN with a rich, strong coffee delight…Using Devondale Barista's Own! Frothing just right!!!


  9. Pancakes made by my 11 year old. They may not be perfectly round, they may be topped with some very interesting toppings… but they are made for me with love so they always taste delicious! And my coffee makes up for everything.


  10. Hi Kim!Perfect frothy coffee for the perfect Malaysian breakfast: Nasi Lemak! Fluffy coconut rice, a firm hard boiled egg, crispy anchovies with a spicy and tangy sambal, fresh and cooling cucumber slices, and a tasty, dry black beef rendang.My HK-Aus husband is now a convert ;)Thanks!


  11. My favorite breakfast dish to accompanying coffee made with Devondale Barista's Own Frothing Milk just has to be chocolate-filled croissants – I got hooked on these while backpacking through Italy. I haven't ever seen them in Australia. Nutella croissants come a close second. Hey, wait on, why haven't I ever tried this at home? Just need to win that coffee machine now so I can have real coffee and not just instant tarted up with froth.


  12. Coffee, coffee, how I love thee.Dark and handsome, just for me.A big cup, a small cup, I dont mind,Its a treasure to drinkwith coffee beans to grind!!Frothing on top, delicately tastingWith me drinking, there will be no wasting.Morning, noon and nightI have loved you, at first sight!!


  13. Banana, smooth ricotta and honey on rye toast,The sweet brekkie dish that I love the most!A cappuccino made with Devondale Barista’s Own Frothing Milk,The perfect combination… as smooth as silk!!


  14. I have a full day of hard slog so I have a full brekky of eggs, bacon, snags, tomatoes and fried bread. I know it seems over the top but I burn all this off after a couple of hours digging out tree stumps and stringing fences


  15. My local cafe makes a beautiful breakfast that I love to accompany my coffee. It consists of buckwheat pancake, spinach, halloumi, eggs, roasted tomatoes and pine nuts. S delicious and yummy!!


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