Week 41: An Eventful Weekend

Monday morning and I’m sitting here thinking “Phew! That was quite an eventful weekend!”… it was a very good busy weekend though, as we got to surround Micah with lots of people and he got lots of cuddles and our house was very busy and he just did not get the chance to get bored, lol.
We were up nice and early on Saturday morning, especially hubby who took Micah to his play area at 6am so I can have a sleep-in, so really my day only started at 8am lol. Hubby then took Micah to Bunnings with him, as I stayed at home to prepare some salads and stuff for the lunch BBQ we were hosting that day.
When hubby got home, I put Micah down for his morning nap and then headed off to my church Women’s Day. I didn’t stay for very long, but I did manage to sit in one of the talks, had morning tea, and got all crafty and made cards so I did enjoy myself. 
By the time I got home at noon, some of our guests were already there so I got some nibbles out and we hung out in the lounge room whilst the boys got the BBQ ready. We also had a mini photo shoot of the babies, which was a lot of fun hehe. More photos from this shoot at www.kimbasphotography.com.
Thankfully with all the food we had for lunch, there were plenty of leftovers so I didn’t have to cook dinner. After cleaning up for a bit and having leftovers for dinner it was early bedtime as we’ve had quite a big day.
The next day, I was on singing at church so we got to church early. Micah only slept for 45 minutes in the morning, so after church I fed him a snack and then rushed him home so he could have his afternoon nap. While he was napping we entertained a new couple from church over lunch at our place. They went and got a Roast Chicken and Chips, while we provided some salads, again leftovers from yesterday lol! It was nice and relaxed and I can’t believe we got to use our decking TWICE this weekend to entertain! I am loving it… that was the whole purpose of setting up the decking area in the first place, to entertain! Now that the weather is getting warmer and warmer I am sure we will use it a lot more. Yayyy so happy!
After lunch, hubby went off to a 40th Birthday / Car Rally while I stayed home with Micah. He slept two hours in the afternoon so that was good! At 4.30pm I got a call from hubby that they were back from their car rally and I could come over to the party and join them for the BBQ if I wanted to, so I packed Micah’s dinner and went over and we fed Micah his dinner there and had dinner there too so yayyy no cooking again! It worked out really well, and I thought Micah might get too grumpy because he had been awake for more than 4 hours but he was fine, too distracted by all the people at the party and having too much fun doing something different.
Of course by the time we got home, it was quickly getting Micah bathed and milk fed and off to bed. He did something amazingly cute after bath time last night. He was on the change table after his bath and I wrapped him up in his towel.. and he held up his towel to cover his face, and then lowered it quickly, and then held it up again, and lowered it quickly… he was trying to play peek-a-boo! I probably should’ve filmed it, because he did do it repeatedly, but I was too busy crying at his cleverness and admiring his amazing personality. Oh, and I was calling out to hubby too and he saw what Micah did and he was very proud of him too. We are both just SO proud of our little man and feeling truly blessed to be his parents!
Another busy week ahead, I am so excited really. Another photo shoot tomorrow, then lunch at Chadstone on Wednesday, catching up with Mums Group on Thursday and we shall see what we end up doing over the weekend! 

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