Playdate… and a Photo Shoot Of Course!

Micah and I had a fun day today. My friend Nat and her little girl Hannah, who is 10 weeks younger than Micah, came over for a playdate. Of course, I somehow managed to easily convince Nat to “lend me” her daughter as a subject for my camera for the day, lol. Hannah is a lot more cooperative than Micah, mostly because she doesn’t move quite as quickly as he does (although she will catch up VERY soon at the rate she’s going!) and I love how cute little girls can get all dressed up and look really pretty for a photo!
Plus look at those beautiful big blue eyes… I am really starting to love this whole photography thing! I know I have so much to learn, and I will go out and learn some stuff “officially” eventually to pick up some new techniques.. but in the mean time as an amateur effort it’s a great way to channel some of my energy towards something I really enjoy.
So…. who wants a free photo shoot!!

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