We Live in a New World #covid19 #coronavirus

I never thought that my first post of 2020 will be this extraordinary… this year so far has brought on things we never even imagined we would experience in our lifetime. Earlier this year, Australia faced the biggest ever bushfire crisis. It was scary, and the scale of the disaster was just unbelievable. Thankfully, we got through that. The world all came together in support financially and physically, and the community did all they could to help in any way possible.

And now, whilst we are still recovering from that major crisis, comes this global pandemic crisis. We are now ALL in this together.

I don’t even have to go into much detail, because we all know what’s happening. The world as it is today, is completely different to what it was just a few weeks ago. Things are happening so fast, and the changes are so radical that everything is crashing and sinking… fast. Businesses are not coping. Jobs are lost every day. Basic supplies are scarce. People are panicking. It is complete mayhem.

The reason I am writing today though, is not to focus on the chaos. I’d like to just offer a little peace of mind, a sense of calm. I must admit, during times of uncertainty I tend to go into anxiety mode. However, I’ve had enough of that. I’ve put together some very helpful words and positive vibes to hopefully help you cope with your anxious thoughts:

Whilst schools have not officially closed here in Australia (as of 18th March 2020), we have decided to keep our kids home starting Monday, 16th March 2020. We are fortunate that we are able to do this, with my job being based from home anyway. However, in saying that, I have taken Extended Leave from work effective immediately and as far as I am know, indefinitely. It didn’t feel right to still be working while the whole family is home with me. Some lifestyle changes had to be made now that we know we will be stuck at home for at least the next 4 weeks. Personally, I don’t see this going away anytime soon… so I have just spent the past couple of days mentally preparing myself for the worst. That this is the new norm. This is our new world of self isolation and social distancing. It sounds so sad, and I truly feel for all the businesses out there that are severely impacted by this and truly suffering, but I also feel like the universe is trying to tell us to slow down, to stop what we were so busy doing on a day to day basis, and just stay home and spend time with our family.

Monday also happened to be Silver’s birthday, and we had to cancel all the playdates and parties we were planning for her birthday. She is rather disappointed, but surprisingly understanding of the situation we are facing. We had a great day at home, and a small outdoor meet up with just a couple of friends (while we are still allowed to go out). I figured we should also take full advantage of the warmer (and virus free) weather while we still can, knowing winter is coming and the virus thrives in colder climate. My husband also started working from home on Monday, and with me not working, he has taken over my home office so he has a dedicated area to work away from distractions.

I have also put together a stay home lesson plan for the kids, just as a guide. I cannot imagine being able to keep up to this schedule strictly, but my kids seem to function better knowing what’s on the schedule and developing a routine. So, good luck to us! Good luck to me… lol.

So far, we are doing okay. I go out and pick up supplies when needed, but we will be ok. Life just seems simpler, and staying away from social media or the news every once in a while is a healthy break. It is also a great time to see communities helping each other out. Kind words are shared, and people are helping the elderly and most vulnerable get access to supplies by delivering to their homes for free. Educational businesses have offered free access to learning resources. Airlines have offered free change of dates. My kids sports programs have offered free membership suspension. Restaurants are offering free delivery services. Even Google Play has offered reduced prices on movies, lol.

Of course, with the good also comes the bad…. some very bad. Hoarding, panic buying, violence, etc. These are desperate times, and when people are desperate they lose all sense of rational behaviour. Let’s look out for each other, be aware of the people we know and if anyone is struggling, try and offer help any way you can.

Of course we will get through this. We don’t have any zombies to worry about. Just stay home, and stay positive. If the kids are driving you crazy, just send them out to a timeout camp in your backyard 😂

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