Week 44: Tis the Season for Walks and a Dance Video

Micah and I went out for a walk today (and we even made a new friend while we were out, but that is a different story) and last night, we went out for a walk together as a family when hubby got home from work. I love daylight savings, because it went we get extra daylight at night so we get to enjoy those family walks. The weather is getting warmer and warmer too, so it is definitely an opportunity to take more steps during the day and try to be healthy by doing lots of walking.

While I’ve been doing some walking, Micah has been doing some dancing and I managed to get it all on video! So this video is about five minutes of footage of him just going crazy with the bouncing and waving, it is quite amusing to watch and always puts a smile on my face whenever I have a rough day 🙂

So, Micah is officially 10 months old now and thriving. He continues to sleep well during the night, he sleeps better during the day too (still one sleep in the morning and one in the afternoon of between 1-2 hours each) and he eats his solids very well, loves his toasted sandwiches and especially fresh fruits, he has a veggie and meat casserole for dinner, and occasionally allowed baby custard for dessert. As you can see in the video, he loves his playtime and is a very active and happy kid. I’m a happy mum! He’s a great boy 🙂

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