Week 43: Summer Days… :-)

Today the temperature is set to soar up to 29 degrees. 29 degrees! For the first time in a long time, Micah went to sleep last night without the heater on (although eventually it got pretty cold later in the night so I got up at 2.30am to turn the heater on for him anyway) and he’s been dresssed in cute shorts and T-shirts all week. I am lovin’ it! I love seeing him dressed in shorts and T-shirts, makes him look like a little person. Wait, that doesn’t make any sense because he IS a little person! Ohh he just looks so CUTE in little clothes full stop.
The start of this week was pretty hectic and busy. We went and visited Leah and the twins on Monday, and then spontaneously booked a lunch at Chadstone on Tuesday. Before we went to Chadstone, I went out for a 40-minute walk and it was quite a sunny day but not as hot as it is today. I felt so unfit going up the hills! At least I did that walk, it made me feel less guilty about indulging in good food the rest of the day. After our delicious lunch at PappaRich Malaysian Restaurant in Chadstone, Micah fell asleep in the car on our way home so I just kept him awake the rest of the afternoon. The plan was to make sure he sleeps so I can go out to my Girls Night that night at Mexican House and have half priced margaritas without worrying about Micah waking up. Well, Micah slept alright and I went out and we had no issues the rest of the night yay!
The weather really started to get warmer and warmer since yesterday. It went right up to 28 degrees yesterday, and Micah and I had lunch out on the deck so he can make as much mess as he wants with his sandwich and the birds can come clean it up afterwards. It was a great idea and I will always eat with him outside now whenever the weather is good so I don’t have to clean up! Even for dinner with daylight savings coming up this weekend, there will still be daylight by the time we have dinner so we can eat outside more often. We had the umbrella out yesterday, because the sun was too bright, and Micah just kept looking up to check out the umbrella.
Oh, and I did two loads of washing yesterday and another load today and I AM UP TO DATE! Yayy to the sun making washing so much fun (not!) but at least it is a lot easier and quicker to dry our clothes… now I just need to put away the mountain of clean washing currently piled in the guest bedroom, where my sister would need to sleep in two weeks time when she comes to visit… hhhmmmm….
Because the weather is rather hot today, I choose not to go out haha. I say that now, but I’m sure when Micah wakes up I will be tempted to take him out to the shops or something… I am craving some cake and have debated internally about whether or not we should go out to the shops to get some cake. The heat will make it less tempting… because I don’t like getting in a hot car, but hot days are great for going out to the butchers because it is a freezer in Tasman Meats…. not that we’re running low on meat in our freezer, we’re just running low on the variety of meat in our freezer. I like making sure our freezer has all the different types of meat available for me to choose from whenever I am deciding what to cook. At the moment, we only have chicken and duck. I would love to stock up on some beef ribs, pork, and lamb… just so I have options!!

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