AwahCafe at DBNA, Kuching

This place brings back bittersweet memories for me. This was actually the first time my mother had the chance to eat out ever since Covid and cancer happened, so it was such a special moment. We had just finished one of her medical appointments, and instead of going home we thought coming here would be fine since it’s partially outdoors (the restaurant is located at the basement level next to the carpark of a multi-storey building so it was open with fresh air flowing through) and well social distanced.

The food here was amazingly sumptuous. It’s Bidayuh cuisine (after all, located at the Dayak Bidayuh National Association HQ) which is one of the main local race from Sarawak in Borneo, so the food is extraordinarily exotic and I definitely cannot find this type of food anywhere in Australia.

The crispy pork belly was so sinfully delicious, and that Fried Beehoon… rice vermicelli noodles.. it was next level delicious. Seriously, the flavours were indescribable. I think the other dish was venison cooked in a gingery sauce, so good and packed full of flavour. And of course, my favourite local “vegetable” which is actually just a wild fern… cooked in oyster sauce, okay I really am struggling not to salivate just thinking about it! TAKE ME BACK TO MALAYSIA 😭

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