Port Campbell, Victoria

Port Campbell is a coastal town in Victoria, Australia. The town is on the Great Ocean Road, west of the Twelve Apostles, in the Shire of Corangamite. The seaside town is very popular during peak summer tourist seasons, with a great little sandy beach that’s relatively safe to swim in.

Our family has been spending quite a bit of time at Port Campbell this year, due to hubby being occasionally sent to work onsite very close to Port Campbell. Naturally, we would tag along whenever we can, and enjoy the free accommodation paid for by hubby’s work! So, we would spend the day on our own while he is at work, and then have dinner together and do some fishing after dinner. Mind you, that was only possible while the days were longer during summer. Now that we are well and truly into autumn and sunny, warm days are no longer, hubby will be taking trips to Port Campbell all on his own while we stay warm at home! Hehe.

We have mostly been staying at Summers Rest Units at Port Campbell. Very affordable and comfortable two-bedroom stay with a full kitchen and laundry facilities within the units. Very handy for those longer week long stays (and wet clothes to wash and dry pretty much everyday!).

The town has a grocery store that has everything you need in terms of snacks, food, daily essentials and stuff you need for fishing, etc. There are also standard takeaway food shops and a couple of pubs / bistros for dining options. We have had meals at Waves Cafe as well as the local pub. There are also a couple of nice playgrounds and walking trails for the family. Overall, Port Campbell is just a lovely quiet town for a relaxing time with the kids.

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