Rendezvous Hotel Perth Central

I love a good budget hotel! I snapped up this room at Rendezvous Hotel, Perth Central for only $277 for 3 nights from That’s less than $100 per night, and usually at that price, you are very likely to end up in a low budget motel room.. but I was really happy with this hotel. The room is incredibly spacious, and yes the bathroom is pretty basic, but it was everything I need for my short stay, and I wasn’t planning to spend that much time in my room that weekend anyway. It was clean and there was plenty of natural light. The concierge people were friendly and even though they didn’t have room service, I could order a bottle of wine middle of the night, which was more than enough hehe. Of course, I ordered in with UberEats anyway so food wasn’t at all an issue.

Location wise, it was just across the pedestrian bridge from Kings Park and Botanic Gardens. Perth city itself is also not a very big city, so exploring by foot was extremely doable. The shops were walking distance away, but its location at the end of the street meant it was nice and quiet without traffic at night (not that Perth had much of an issue with traffic anyway… what a lovely quiet city!).

View from my hotel room

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