Magnetized Wall – Fun Play for the Kids!

Note: My husband and I used to run a business that sells this product below. We no longer run this business, but I’ve decided to keep this post public because it is still a great product idea and we still have this wall and our kids (and other visiting kids) still love it! All links to actual products have been removed because we are no longer offering this product. Introducing our Magnetic Activity Wall for Interactive Play and Magnetic Display If you are anything like me, your entire fridge is covered with magnets – I personally have a collection of … Continue reading Magnetized Wall – Fun Play for the Kids!

My Day Without Kids

Melbourne Airport at 6am Yesterday, I flew up to Brisbane for the day to attend Visual Impact 2016 – a printing industry expo – to do research for our business as well as to establish some connections and talk to experienced people and just do some networking in general. Enoch took the day off so he could look after the kids. My day started ridiculously early. My alarm was set to go off at 4.15am and I found myself awake at 2am (checked the time) and again at 3.15am and finally up at 4.10am and decided to just lie in … Continue reading My Day Without Kids

For The Love of Trampoline

Purchased March 2013 – read full post and see more pictures from our first few weeks of using it here: Photos taken earlier this morning Three years ago, we bought a second-hand trampoline that was only 3 months old and in excellent condition from a lady on a Facebook Buy/Swap/Sell Group. Today, we still firmly believe it was the best thing we ever bought for our kids. It still gets a lot of use and the kids still love it, and we spend a lot of beautiful days just hanging out in the trampoline as a family. It serves … Continue reading For The Love of Trampoline

What is the Definition of a Millennial Mom?

Or… more importantly, why did I self-proclaim yours truly as essentially a Millennial Mom? Here are a few articles and resources that provide a really comprehensive explanation of what defines millennial moms: These make such interesting reads, … Continue reading What is the Definition of a Millennial Mom?