What is the Definition of a Millennial Mom?

Or… more importantly, why did I self-proclaim yours truly as essentially a Millennial Mom? Here are a few articles and resources that provide a really comprehensive explanation of what defines millennial moms: https://www.webershandwick.com/uploads/news/files/MillennialMoms_ExecSummary.pdf http://www.popsugar.com/moms/Signs-You-Millennial-Mom-37484119 http://digiday.com/brands/5-things-brands-need-know-millennial-moms/ These make such interesting reads, … Continue reading What is the Definition of a Millennial Mom?

Just Start Somewhere… just do it.

See the face of that mom in the image above? She looks calm and under control. I just hope I maintain this calm, lol. It is so easy to pat myself on the back whenever I have good days… but knowing me, I am going to need a lot of contingency plans in place for self motivation purposes. I suppose the key is to be at a place in your life when you are settled and ready to take that leap of faith. Staying motivated is easier when you love what you do, and I am absolutely loving what I … Continue reading Just Start Somewhere… just do it.

10 Helpful Things I have Learnt to do as a SAHM

As a Stay at Home Mother of two young kids, I have realised very soon after my second child was born that I needed to do a few things differently around the house. What used to be a “luxury” of just having one child, is no longer a luxury. When I only had Micah, I could have time to myself a few hours during the day whenever he naps. Now with two, I have to make sure their sleeping schedules sync so I still get that down time. If not, I spend the whole day just being consumed by my … Continue reading 10 Helpful Things I have Learnt to do as a SAHM

I used to be a Mummy Blogger! What happened??

Where do I even begin… I used to be a mummy blogger. A fairly good one too, I must add. I used to document Micah’s development week after week. I can look back at Micah’s first year and tell you exactly when he started crawling, eating, walking, clapping, talking, throwing tantrums, etc. (Just as I was typing that, Micah screamed “I WANT MY WATER BOTTLE!!!” I then went up to him and said “That is not how you ask for things, ask again, nicely, and say please.” Which he did. I then gave him his water bottle and walked back … Continue reading I used to be a Mummy Blogger! What happened??

6 Months Later…

Cannot believe 6 months have passed just like that… the past 6 months have been FULL ON. That is quite an understatement really. You just don’t realize what a luxury it was to only have to care for one child until another one comes along. Life is busy, busy and busy ALL the time! Sleep is pretty much a bonus on days when we get lucky. The house is a permanent bomb site. I have been very lucky though, half the time I have had my mum staying with us and helping me with the kids. She was here for … Continue reading 6 Months Later…

The Birth of Silver Grace Peterson

This blog has been abandoned for many, many months now but I figured now is a good time to write a new blog post because Micah now has a little sister! This is her birth story… (To read Micah’s birth story, click here: http://www.kimbaspride.com/2011/12/birth-of-micah-solomon-peterson.html) Introducing Silver Grace Peterson, born 5.11pm on Sunday, 16th March 2014. Weight 4.54kg, Length 52cm, Head Circ 37.5cm. Unlike Micah (who was born at 38 weeks), this little bubba was way too comfortable in my belly and did NOT want to come out! The last few weeks of my pregnancy was such a long haul… I was … Continue reading The Birth of Silver Grace Peterson

A New Beginning… Take Two, lol

Many of you would know by now that Enoch and I are expecting our second child 🙂 We are due on the 14th of March 2014 (this is the new revised due date after today’s 12-week scan). I am currently 12 weeks and 3 days pregnant! It feels so good that I can now openly write about my pregnancy, having passed the 12-weeks “danger zone”. It was quite annoying though, the first trimester is actually when I needed to be able to vent the most! I haven’t had the best past few months to be honest, I have been so … Continue reading A New Beginning… Take Two, lol

Micah at 18 Months

Micah and I went out for a BIG walk today, we started at a friend’s house then crossed the road to the walking path pass the lake, along the path, cross a main road, cross a bridge and then along another path when Micah started getting restless so I let him out for a walk. He enjoyed walking around and tired himself out so much, eventually he got very grumpy and fell asleep in the pram on our walk back. We even saw a couple of horses during our walk so I got Micah to go up to them as … Continue reading Micah at 18 Months