We are in Malaysia!

Well, technically we have been in Malaysia for a week and a half now so this is again a long overdue blog post. Can’t blame me, I’ve been too busy relaxing and having fun and eating to be bothered to sit down and blog! But tonight, since my dad has kidnapped my husband for some father and son in law bonding time, and Micah is fast asleep, I figured best use this time to write as much as I can before I get all lazy again, hehe.
Yes, we made it to Malaysia. We barely survived the trip here, it was horrible. Well, it wasn’t the worst case scenario but we were pretty exhausted by the end of it. Micah was very active and restless at the airport during the whole check-in and waiting process, he was awake the entire 3 hours there – and it was wayyyy past his bedtime so he had lots of grumpy moments. Thankfully there was a play area at the Melbourne airport to keep him busy, but it was very tiring for hubby the one with the sore back and me, the one who easily gets hot and bothered and sweaty, chasing this little boy around while waiting to board the flight.
Thankfully, because we had Micah we were first to board the plane and got him settled straight away. Boob magic, of course. Fed him and he fell asleep in my arms almost immediately. Did not even stir during take off. He was too big to fit in the bassinet seat so he pretty much slept in my arms throughout the entire 8.5 hour flight, which left me stuck and uncomfortable, but oh well at least he wasn’t screaming all night and disrupting others. He stirred every hour or so, and screamed, so I fed him pretty much hourly to keep him asleep. DO YOU KNOW WHAT FEEDING HOURLY DOES TO A BREASTFEEDING MOTHER??!!! Pure exhaustion. It was just horrible, horrible, longest 8 hours of my life. Even longer than labour. I am definitely not looking forward to flying back to Melbourne in about 3 weeks time.
Well, I suppose other than that, everything else went pretty smoothly. Micah is sleeping fine, adjusting fine, and enjoying being the centre of attention here. I am feeling that lazy bug creep in again, so not going to write too much more… and just let these photos do the talking. After all, it’s 11.40pm I need to go to bed!
Oh, and I’ve been Instagraming my whole trip. Follow me on http://instagram.com/kimbasliving/

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