Week 52: Birthday Weekend!!

Okay it is only Tuesday and Micah’s actual birthday and party day is not until Saturday, but I have been so excited I have gotten most things all ready to go for the party done already! Basically the only thing that’s left to organise is the food and blowing up the balloons, which I can’t start until Friday anyway.
I’ve pushed our pool table all the way to the side so it can be the food table. The weather forecast is predicting a stinking hot 38 degrees day on Saturday, so I figured I should at least prepare the house just in case it gets too hot to serve food and eat outside on the decking. With the pool table out of the way, there is plenty more room to move around.
We are not having a big party anyway, but it’s not exactly small either. Have you seen the size of the Peterson family?! We are basically just having the whole family over, and godparents, and a few close family friends. That’s about it. After the chaos at Micah’s baptism back in July, I just couldn’t do 50+ people ever again.. unless we can guarantee the weather of course. But we cannot guarantee the weather, so you see? On Micah’s Baptism day we had 50+ people PLUS kids, and it rained so we didn’t get to use the decking at all… all those people crammed in our house, some had to sit and eat on the floor. This time, I shall be prepared to have everyone comfortably in our air conditioned house if it gets too hot. Easily done with just 22 adults + kids. Kids can play in Micah’s play area AND I’m also setting up the guest bedroom with extra toys so they can play in there too. All the chaos can happen in there, lol.
Lolly bags are done, all the plates, serviettes, plastic cutlery, drinks, snacks are good to go… now I’m just going to sit here patiently and wait for Friday to come so I can start blowing up balloons, finishing up the decorations, shop for salads and meat, and then wait for Saturday so I can give Micah his presents when he wakes up in the morning, prepare the salads and get ready to party!!
So excited!!! 🙂

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