Micah at 18 Months

Micah and I went out for a BIG walk today, we started at a friend’s house then crossed the road to the walking path pass the lake, along the path, cross a main road, cross a bridge and then along another path when Micah started getting restless so I let him out for a walk. He enjoyed walking around and tired himself out so much, eventually he got very grumpy and fell asleep in the pram on our walk back.
We even saw a couple of horses during our walk so I got Micah to go up to them as it was his first time seeing a horse up close! 
Micah will be officially 18 months old next week, so I really should start listing down his development milestones just as a record on here. So here goes….
  • SLEEPING – I am so pleased with his new sleep routine. For the past 3-4 weeks now, his routine has been Dinner at 6pm, Bath at 6.45pm, Read a Bible Story at 7.15pm and Bedtime at 7.30pm. Basically tuck him in, wide awake, lights off, no screaming no crying, no need for music, just him talking to himself, even saying “Bye Bye” and “Night Night” as we leave his room and close the door! And within a few minutes he will be asleep. Notice how there is NO breastfeeding involved? So happy! He is officially weaned off his night feeds which means Enoch can do bedtime anytime I need him to, hehe. Just makes the bedtime routine seem a lot shorter for me, less tiring, and frees me up to do other things. Micah is no longer fully dependant on me to go to sleep, yay! He generally sleeps through the night except for two nights ago, he has been a little bit unwell, but he is generally good and sleeps all the way until anywhere between 6am – 7am. Whenever he sleeps past 7am I do a little happy dance….. lol. He generally only has one nap during the day now about 1.5 – 3 hours.
  • EATING – Micah is obviously a great eater and eats everything, and recently he has been showing off his skills at feeding himself with a spoon. So proud of him 🙂
  • PLAYING – he walks and runs everywhere, very interactive. He now knows how to climb up play equipment, and go down a slide all by himself. A true toddler! He absolutely LOVES looking at pictures in books – always going up to our book shelves and getting books out and just sitting there flipping through the pages, until we come over and read something to him.
  • TALKING – he still doesn’t say a lot of words clearly, mostly a whole lot of jibberish no one understands… but a few words we do understand are “Bye Bye” “Night Night” (as he waves) “Knock Knock” (and he does the knocking action) “Mama” “Dada” “Nana” (short for Banana) “What’s This” “Shoes” “No” (new word I don’t like this new word!) “Juice” and noise words such as “Uh Oh” (whenever he drops something) and “Vroom Vroom” whenever he plays with his cars.
Obviously some of the above does not apply whenever we are out and about during the day or out for dinner, etc – and there is only so much “routine” we can stick to some days, especially if he is grumpy and upset over something. Like this week he has been a lot crankier and whingy than usual, and it could be his teeth (soooo many teeth!) or because he has a snotty nose or because he sometimes gets an upset stomach before doing a massive poo, but you know, life goes on and we just deal with whatever comes along. I need to go now, totally lost my train of thoughts so ending my post rather abruptly here. Haha. Bye!
Oh! Immunisation and 18 Month Health Appointment next week so hopefully another blog post then.

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