Week 50: A Series of Photos with Captions

I would very often take photos of my phone and update them on Facebook straight away, but for those who may have missed some of those updates, here are some photos taken recently with captions:
Micah all fresh and ready for bed in his cute PJs
My little man is turning 1 in less than 3 weeks!
Love watching him sleep…
In his new travel stroller. We got this for our trip to Malaysia, he can sit in this stroller all the way to the plane and it folds up and fits into a backpack that would fit in the overhead compartment of the airplane. Also convenient to take him out and about when in Malaysia!
Lunch date with Issi
Mummy’s little boy 🙂
Grocery shopping with mum
Future musician
Spending time with dad
Always happy and smiling when it’s food time

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