Micah at 15 Months

I’m not sure who’s still reading my blog out there, as I have not been updating this blog at all lately hehe! Been really busy, and even now as I’m writing this, I am stressing over a blog post that’s due on Monday (Sponsored Post that I am getting paid for.. so it’s considered “work”) but ehh.. I feel like posting some Micah photos for the moment, so I might make this a quick one.. but we all know that even a “quick” blog post can end up pretty lengthy when I’m in the mood to write, and boy am I in the mood despite the fact that I desperately want and need to go to bed, but I still have so much work to do… and I know I won’t have much time to do it tomorrow. 
My mum is going back to Malaysia tomorrow night after being here with us in Melbourne for a whole month. Gee, a whole month flies!! I am going to miss her so much, she has been a tremendous help. I have had the luxury to sleep in almost every morning, I have not had to feed Micah his Weetbix for breakfast in 2 months thanks to my mum!!! She has also done ALL my laundry.. I haven’t had to do laundry in 2 months!! (We were in Malaysia for a month, and she was here in Melbourne for a month, which makes my total lazy time 2 months!!)

Micah is being his usual happy self. He is becoming so clever by the day. He is starting to actually do what we tell him to do, like he really understands every word we’re saying. He has been quite a parrot, sometimes copying what we say, which is very cute!! He has learnt to blow kisses, and he is very affectionate and loves to give hugs and kisses. He learnt to spin, kick in the bath, run, jump, he does high fives (some of these he has learnt to do after he turned 12 months, not just recently) and he is saying more and more words every day. He has really started to enjoy books being read to him, previously he didn’t show too much interest and got restless too quickly, now he actually sits still and lets me read to him. 
He has been acting like a great big brother to his younger friends. He has had a few playdates with younger babies and I just love watching him interact with them, so loving and sometimes bossy!
He spent a morning with his cousin Esther who is 9 months older.. also love watching him play with older kids, he learns so much from them and looks up to older kids especially boys!
I took him to the local swimming pool on a hot day, and he absolutely loved it!

Earlier this week, we spent 2 nights at Loch Sport with my mum and my mother in law just as a little getaway and it was great! Micah really enjoyed splashing in the lake and at the beach. He also had fun chasing the seagulls while we were out for dinner at the local bistro!
And finally, today hubby took Micah to get his haircut and they both got crew cuts and they both look so handsome! I am so proud of my little man and so happy with my little family… 🙂

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