Almost 16 Months: What’s New

Well, let’s see. We bought a trampoline last weekend off a lady who was selling it on a Casey Mums Buy/Swap/Sell Facebook Group, we paid $250 for it and it was only 3 months old so I think we got a pretty good deal! The trampoline is in perfect condition, like new, and it is huge! Took up half of our backyard. Micah loves it, the kids who come to visit love it, the adults who are below 100kg and allowed to jump on the trampoline love it too. We all love it! Best thing we bought so far this year. Makes Micah really happy because he loves being outdoors and he loves to bounce. Makes it easy for me to hang the washing on the line, because the trampoline is like an outdoor enclosed playpen lol.

We had a bunch of good friends come over on Good Friday and we did our version of the traditional Fish and Chips – we did Ikan Bakar (Malaysian Grilled Fish) and Sticky Roasted Potatoes instead with some chicken wings and stirfry noodles on the side. It was awesome!!
Micah has also recently learnt to eat all by himself. I used to only give him a few chunks at a time instead of the whole plate because he didn’t know how to pace himself and tends to shove everything into his mouth all at once, he has now realised that he was a bit too keen and now knows how to pace himself.. so I can give him a plate full of food and he will eat at his own pace! He has also learnt how to feed himself using a spoon, and yes it can still get a bit messy but it is so much better now to eat with him now that he is more independant, I can sit and enjoy my meal whilst he happily feeds himself!
And finally, I hope everyone has had a good Easter break. The 4-day long weekend has come and gone too quickly. Actually, it was only a 3-day long weekend for hubby as he had to work today (Monday) but at least he gets to take the Friday after ANZAC Day late April so we can have a 4-day weekend. We are going away to Phillip Island that weekend too so I’m looking forward to that.

Hubby has also given me permission to look up holiday options just for the two of us (it has been a while since we went away just the two of us! To be exact, it has been over 2 years and would’ve been 3 years by the time we go away end of this year!) for my 30th birthday and our 6th wedding anniversary in December. It was either a party or a holiday, and I really don’t care about a party… I just want a holiday with my husband! Micah will have to stay behind probably with grandparents. I will miss Micah of course, but a few days away from him won’t be too bad. So I’m looking at short cruises within Australia or possibly Queensland, or even spa country in VIC. We shall see.

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