For The Love of Trampoline

Purchased March 2013 – read full post and see more pictures from our first few weeks of using it here:
Photos taken earlier this morning
Three years ago, we bought a second-hand trampoline that was only 3 months old and in excellent condition from a lady on a Facebook Buy/Swap/Sell Group. Today, we still firmly believe it was the best thing we ever bought for our kids. It still gets a lot of use and the kids still love it, and we spend a lot of beautiful days just hanging out in the trampoline as a family.
It serves great purpose whenever we have friends with kids over – just send the kids outside to play in the trampoline while we adults sit and socialise in peace!
It is the best way to tire kids out – just chuck them in and let them run around in circles and jump around to their hearts’ content.
Finally, for me if we ever let this trampoline go someday – maybe when kids are older and no longer use it, maybe we will need the extra space in the backyard for something else – if the trampoline is ever gone, at least I have hundreds and possible thousands of wonderful photos taken while the kids are on the trampoline. These photos will always bring back all those joyful memories of hearing their laughters and giggles and squeals of delight.
I love our trampoline 🙂

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