Micah’s 1st Birthday Celebrations

We’ve just had such a massive weekend.. and you know what? It’s not even over yet, lol! We had Micah’s official birthday party on Saturday, had family and godparents and just a few close friends over for a BBQ lunch. It all went really well, although it was a little bit chaotic. I cannot imagine what it would’ve been like if we invited EVERYBODY to the party! Took so many photos of Micah’s birthday party so I will post most of them and let the photos do the talking… 
Then on Sunday it was our 5-Year Wedding Anniversary, so we spent most of the day cleaning up after the party and then we went out to dinner at Eighty One in Berwick. It was nice just to spend time just the two of us and enjoy a nice meal together. We then came home and watched a movie together, we saw Resident Evil Retribution, lol. Interesting choice of movie but it was nice anyway, haha.
And then today (Monday) is my birthday, but I threw another mini birthday party for Micah and his mini friends and their mums. It was great to catch up with all my amazing mummy friends and great to watch all our kids play together! Again, I will let the photos do the talking in a minute. Then we’re off to dinner tonight to celebrate my birthday with just a few friends 🙂
This is going to be my final blog post before I GO TO PRINT, so don’t worry not my final blog post ever.. just the final blog post to be included in a PRINTED book. Yes, I am printing Kimba’s Pride into a book after this blog post. I wanted to make sure my pregnancy journey and Micah’s First Year is documented in print form just in case the internet gets infected with a major virus someday and Blogger somehow loses ALL of these precious memories…
OK, so photo time it is then!!
Micah’s Birthday Cake made by my very talented friend, Leah.

Leah also made Micah a “smash cake”, but he did not want to destroy it!

It was a hot day, so the kids all had a splash to cool off.

Present opening time at the party
Present opening time first thing in the morning in mummy and daddy’s bed

Micah’s Birthday Playdate with the mums and bubs
One last thing I’d like to add to this post before it goes to print.. I’ve compiled all of Micah’s birthday messages from people on Facebook so he will get to read them when he is older 🙂
It is Micah’s 1st Birthday today! I am one blog post away (obviously need to blog about his 1st birthday party!) from converting www.kimbaspride.com into a printed book, so if you would like to leave a birthday wish for Micah please comment below and I will make sure it gets included in the book for Micah to read later when he’s older!! Love you so much little man xoxxo.

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