I Should Be in Bed Sleeping But Instead I Write This Post

Gee time flies. It seems like yesterday I celebrated my first Mother’s Day, Micah sat on the table with us for the first time in his high chair, and hubby cooked me breakfast. This year, hubby built me a taller backdrop frame so I can finally have the photo studio I have always wanted.
The process of setting up my studio got slightly delayed as the day after Mother’s Day I got sick and felt totally run down. It was truly bad timing. I had to cancel photo shoots and hubby was away for work so I didn’t have any help… but I soldiered on. TV was a lifesaver. Micah and I were both sick, so we welcomed the opportunity to just snuggle up and watch TV for most of the day. It was actually quite nice to cancel all our social activities, chores and work, and just focus on each other and well, sleeping and resting. 
After two and a half days, I can say I feel almost normal. I’d like to think I fought it and stopped it from getting worse just in time! Although I really should be in bed by now, not sure what I’m doing writing this blog post… oh well, might as well continue and finish up.
Anywayyy… what I wanted to say was, I used the backdrop Enoch built for me as a partition to create a little studio corner in the dining area. The dining table has been shrunk (previous extended) and made room for my studio. Then, I had this problem of this ugly wall right next to the backdrop… 
I immediately wanted a wallpaper. I acted so fast on it too, lol. I looked up wallpapers online and got an idea of how much it costs. Then I Googled where to find wallpapers in Berwick – and who would’ve thought the local paint shop might have them! I went to the paint shop, chatted to a church friend who works there, and woohoo they had HEAPS of wallpapers to choose from! Most of them you had to order in, but I was so fortunate they had some in stock that were leftovers from previous construction jobs. I even scored the pattern I had my eye on while I was browsing eBay… clouds!!
So I got home from the paint shop, put Micah down for his afternoon nap, and very quickly got to work on my wallpaper. It took me just over an hour, and just as I was finishing up and tidying up, Micah woke up. Good timing! The problem was, I didn’t do a very good job. There are lines on my wallpaper but at least the ugly wall is now hidden and the wallpaper now creates a cosy feel to my studio corner. My studio is now complete. I can fix the wallpaper later. I am happy enough and look forward to my three photo shoots scheduled for this week 🙂
Whilst Micah has been accommodating my photo shoot requests most of the time, this morning he just didn’t feel like posing and made it clear to me that he wasn’t interested by grabbing a book off the shelves and started reading… hhmmmppphhh… still very cute 🙂
I am so blessed that my photography venture has really taken off and I am getting a steady stream of enquiries and bookings, and I even booked my first event photography gig for early June! I am so lucky that I am able to do this – earn some income from home – and still be able to spend time with Micah. It is definitely not easy, sometimes Micah can be quite demanding, and sometimes I really fall behind with the chores which actually makes hubby quite unhappy… so I need to learn how to create a better balance and be more organised and get more things done and still get enough rest so it all doesn’t get too overwhelmingly difficult or too tiring.
Other than that, I love my life!

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