Studio, Clouds, Donkey, Monkey.

 Okay so this is not the best facial expression my little boy has shown the world, but he is my little cheeky monkey riding his donkey so I love it, haha. 

 In fact, the only time I seem to be able to get him to pose for me is when he is sitting on the rocking donkey. For some reason, donkey makes him really happy…

Oh and the guitar….

We’ve had a couple of days off just staying at home and being sick (we’re all good now) – I spent the first two days just feeling sorry for myself and letting Micah watch far too much TV….. but by the 3rd day I had a bit of energy so I worked on my new studio! Hubby of course built me my tall backdrop frame for Mother’s Day, which I then used to partition our dining area and create my own little “studio corner”. It works really well! Directly facing a window too so great lighting for portrait shots.

 Then I decided to get a Clouds wallpaper to cover up the ugly wall next to my backdrop, make my studio feel a little bit cosier – and again, it works really well! I did not do the best job at putting up the wallpaper, unfortunately it has lines so probably not going to use it as a backdrop much, but with the right positioning and perhaps some blurring it may be doable….

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