Almost 17 Months: Balancing Work and Play

Wow it has been a month since my last update! Been so busy, as usual, and I am thankful for the busy-ness and the business! My photography gig has really taken off as I continue to book more and more photo shoots, so grateful to everyone who has shown their support and got photos done through me, and then told all their friends about me!
We’ve also just come back from a short weekend away  at Phillip Island with a few friends. It was good to go away, a change of scenery. Micah loves being around other people and he loves the beach and water and visiting new places and going out to dinner, etc. I think he really enjoyed the chocolate factory tour, he may be too young to remember anything, but some of the activities involved just pressing a button to activate something, so Micah could participate. It was great.
I’ve also started planning a holiday for November 2013. I’ve decided instead of a big party for my 30th birthday in December, I’d rather spend that money and go on a holiday… so we are going to BALI! We have booked a private luxurious villa and got a few friends together and got my parents to come along too so they can help babysit Micah, hehe. My parents were more than happy to come along, it is a holiday for them too, and flying to Bali is really cheap from Malaysia, and they get to see their one and only grandson! All win-win there 🙂 I can’t wait already! Originally I wanted to go on a cruise but decided that Bali would be a lot cheaper and we’ll have so much more comfort in that massive villa for half the price compared to a cramped room on a ship. Plus, I love the Balinese culture and the food so I know I will enjoy sight seeing there and eating authentic Indo food! Most importantly, this is our last chance to fly Micah for FREE, before he turns 2 in December and actually have to pay full fare to travel by plane.
Mother’s Day is coming up! My 2nd Mother’s Day.. oh how time flies! I love my little family more and more each day and not a day goes by without me thanking God for all of His blessings.

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