Casey Food and Wine Festival 2019

Did I mention how happy I am that winter is over? Spring is officially in full swing, and the weather has just been glorious… well, as glorious as it can be for Melbourne anyway. Melbourne can be rather unpredictable, so when the beautiful perfect days come around, you seize them and make the most of your day.

Yesterday, the Casey Food and Wine Festival was held just at the Old Cheese Factory in Berwick. It was so close that we decided to just walk there and spend the day out as a family. There was plenty to do – kids enjoyed some free cooking workshops, we enjoyed some live music, walked around and visited the stalls and sampled some delicious locally produced cheese, nuts, cured meats and street food, indulged in ice cold beers and cocktails, and many more! I could go on and on and talk about it, but I think these pictures from my Instagram stories would summarize the day a lot more effectively.

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