New Year, New Beginning

I know, it is already April. So the term “New Year” sounds a little bit ridiculous. In all fairness though, the start of this year kinda sped right past me! January was a lazy “we just got back home from being in Wollongong for two whole months and Christmas busy season and just want to be lazy and look forward to our holiday coming up” month. February we were away most of the month in Malaysia and Singapore for our holiday. March my mum stayed with us in Melbourne, so it was a lazy spend time with mum month while trying to figure out mentally what’s next… get Micah settled in kinder month (and he settled in very well)… major work decisions for Enoch month, etc.
So really… January, February, March have gone… and NOW it all begins. April is the official month of a new beginning for me. Things have all settled, Micah is in kinder (currently on school holidays), Silver is growing up, Enoch’s work situation is starting to change based on family as a bigger priority… and I am ready to take on the world again.
I am ready to not only be a full-time mom, but get back into regular blogging AND start a business.
I am not ready to go into too much detail, but Enoch and I are going into this together. Although, once everything is set up I will primarily be running the business while Enoch still goes and does a full-time job gig. I just see his brain as too smart to be wasted on this business lol. I do need his brain and technical capabilities to set this up initially, but once it is up and running, the only person who will be fully invested and intimate with the business would be me.
We are still in the planning stages, I have completed about 40% of the Business Plan. I have registered for an ABN and registered the Company Name. We have secured our domain name and Enoch is setting up our email server and taking steps towards setting up our eCommerce website. I have booked plane flights to Brisbane next week to attend a large expo that would help me in my research and planning before making major equipment & inventory purchasing decisions.
So today, I have spent an hour in front of my computer just planning my days for the next few months. It is ridiculously full and busy. I have set aside time for kids, house chores, work, planning, travel and blogging.
Looks like my blogging time is up for the day, so I will stop here. More posts coming up in the next few days. Stay tuned! Whoever you are.. if anyone is even reading. Lol.

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