Raising Kids & Running A Business From Home (and Blogging)

Today is actually one of those days when I want to just sit down and write down all my thoughts before I forget them. Even when I managed to get a struggling and whinging 2yo down for her afternoon nap, and quickly jumped in the shower because it was already 1.30pm and I haven’t showered for the day… my brain somehow kept coming up with ideas and things to go on my To Do list for this start up business.

Basically as soon as I got out of the shower, I sat down and completed more of my Business Plan, specifically my marketing strategies. I also had so many questions – questions which need answers either by research online or for me to go and ask an expert. Things just kept piling up on my plate, and instead of being stressed out (not yet anyway) I have somehow managed to keep my cool. That’s what planning stages are for.. to explore all these questions and to go out and get answers. Research is so important, and I want to know exactly what I am doing and be fully prepared before we go out to market.

Meanwhile, while my brain keeps working and while I am sitting here writing this blog post trying to process these thoughts – Silver is busy rummaging through my drawers here in my makeshift office. Micah is pretty good, he is happy playing with his dinosaurs. Actually, Silver has now moved on to see what her brother is doing so they are both playing together. How wonderful and seemingly peaceful, right?

Wrong. Just an hour ago, Silver came up to me crying with her hands held out to me. What was on her hands. Poo. Lots and lots of poo. Oh how delightful. The only thing to do with that situation is to chuck her into the shower.. and that I did. So she is all showered and clean now, but that wasn’t a pleasant mess to clean up.

I have a newfound respect for working mums, and a bigger respect for mums who work from home while juggling raising their children. It is not an easy thing to do. I know I have really just started this week, but I can already see how I won’t have enough hours in the day to do everything I hope to do. In the process of juggling it all, I will need my quiet cup of teas to collect my thoughts and stay focused. Basically I have come up with a simple list to keep me on track:

  1. Avoid unnecessary distractions – uninstall the Candy Crush, no more TV shows (unless you allow yourself an episode or two on weekends, etc), turn off Facebook notifications, stay away from personal Social Media during child minding and working hours.
  2. Schedule Your Day – by this, I mean, schedule everything you need to do. From showering to nap times to pick ups and drop offs, grocery shopping, blogging, research, business planning, website planning, marketing planning, cooking, cleaning, socialising, play dates, parties, rest time, activities with kids time, everything goes in that calendar! Sure everything may not happen as perfectly as it was planned, but at least it is a guide to your day and you are not feeling overwhelmed by all the things on your To Do list knowing there is an allocated time later on specifically for that task. Helps you to focus, to be productive, and to keep calm.
  3. Set Goals – What do I want to achieve this week? This month? This year? Setting these goals will help in the planning process as you set tasks that would work towards achieving those goals.

…… and I just lost my train of thoughts. Great! My calendar reminder just popped up to remind me that I need to start getting dinner ready in 15 minutes, haha. Meanwhile, Silver is trying to tell me something but because she doesn’t talk much she can’t really say what she wants. So.. looks like I have to end this post abruptly right here.

I must say though, it feels really good to write down all my thoughts and blogging again. I need this. I need to be able to think out loud.. and this is helping. Thank you for listening, reading, etc.

I might come back and build on that list above. I am distracted now by my beautiful daughter saying “Mummy.. mummy.. mummy…” and that smile she just gave me… melts my heart.

Off to give my babies cuddles before I get dinner started 🙂

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