What is the Definition of a Millennial Mom?

Or… more importantly, why did I self-proclaim yours truly as essentially a Millennial Mom?
Here are a few articles and resources that provide a really comprehensive explanation of what defines millennial moms:
  1. https://www.webershandwick.com/uploads/news/files/MillennialMoms_ExecSummary.pdf
  2. http://www.popsugar.com/moms/Signs-You-Millennial-Mom-37484119
  3. http://digiday.com/brands/5-things-brands-need-know-millennial-moms/
These make such interesting reads, simply because I am not only one of them, but I am surrounded by them! Women in this day and age are driven, and technologically savvy, and highly connected. Gone are the days when all women do is stay at home and look after their kids and take care of the chores. Women have become amazingly efficient in staying productive and maintaining a work / life balance – they are so good at it – and have further emphasized the fact that we can, in fact, multi task.
We can maintain a healthy social life (both physical presence and online), stay organised, raise our children and use creative modern ways to engage with them, maintain traditional values, keep the household running smoothly (with some duties possibly outsourced – according to what’s the best way to use their time and the value of that time), self development (eg pursuing a small business, health goals eg gym classes or physical activity, a hobby or passion, etc) and top it all off with some much needed R & R time to reset, recharge, renew and then start all over again.
The keyword here is healthy. Millennial moms are highly digital, therefore they spend a lot of their time on screen (I mean, look at me… typing this blog post right now and have already spent an hour in front of my laptop and it is only 9.45am)… so in 15 minutes I need to remind myself that my kids still need me and whilst I am always happy to drop what I am doing here if they really need me, they still need that undivided attention time so I need to make sure I strike that balance and not neglect my kids completely). It is also a good idea to NOT look at any digital devices while out and about eg socialising or at the park. They can wait until you get home and stick to your allocated and scheduled time for work / digital time.
Millennial moms also tend to have it much harder than most other demographics. They are more vulnerable to mental health problems and stress and anxiety issues. Without a solid support network, and when things go wrong, it is easy to lose control over being in control.
So, reach out to your fellow millennial mom friends – tell them they are doing a wonderful job. Do not be discouraged if you have some bad days, you are a strong confident woman and you will come back from this. Find inspiration to be motivated again. Surround yourself with positive people who make you smile and make you feel good. Do not let yourself be burdened by the list of things you need to do, always remember to stay organised and plan, plan, PLAN!
To all my fellow millennial moms…

One thought on “What is the Definition of a Millennial Mom?

  1. Thank you for those encouraging words. this is a very interesting article since its very true, One important point is to Surround ourselves with positive people who make us smile and feel good. I love my Kids, My life. I love the millennium.


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