Magnetized Wall – Fun Play for the Kids!

Note: My husband and I used to run a business that sells this product below. We no longer run this business, but I’ve decided to keep this post public because it is still a great product idea and we still have this wall and our kids (and other visiting kids) still love it! All links to actual products have been removed because we are no longer offering this product.
Introducing our Magnetic Activity Wall for Interactive Play and Magnetic Display
If you are anything like me, your entire fridge is covered with magnets – I personally have a collection of fridge magnets from places I have visited (or souvenirs from other people from places they’ve visited) as well as photos… lots and lots of photos mostly from my Instagram account and converted into magnetic squares. Anyway, my point is… eventually, and very quickly, I have completely run out of fridge space for my magnets.
As for my kids, they love playing with the magnets on the fridge… but I don’t particularly like that they are playing in the kitchen! I also don’t have enough “fun things” for them to actually play with… let alone the space for them to play. If only I could turn a whole wall into a giant magnetic play wall…
(And this… is the “AHA!” moment…)
This has been a major reason why I was motivated to develop this product with my business partner and husband. So, I can finally introduce to the world our range of Magnetic Wall / Frame products with MagReceptives to go on it for fun, interactive play for the kids and also serves the purpose of a great wall display solution!
Our concept is pretty simple. We offer custom sizable self adhesive magnetic sheets that can go directly on your wall – or if you prefer a more portable magnetic “board” we have magnetic frames available as an option.
We offer custom sizable self adhesive magnetic sheets that can go directly on your wall.
We have set up a prototype in our own home to test the product on our own kids and their friends 🙂
And then, we have developed a whole range of MagReceptives and activity packs that can be placed on the magnetic walls / frames. These MagReceptives are basically a magnet-attachable printable film – they are not magnetic on their own (ie they will not stick to a fridge / whiteboard) but they will stick to a magnet. They are printable, and therefore we have heaps of options when it comes to offering background scenes to go on your magnetic wall and also activity packs.
The activity packs are printed onto the MagReceptives and then cut to shape and will stick onto a magnet. They are designed to be used on our Magnetic Frames or easily placed onto a Magnetic Wall (or a background scene on a Magnetic Wall) for the purpose of interactive play.
MagReceptives are non-toxic, lightweight, flexible, attachable to magnets, easily removed and reusable.
Example of one of our Dress Up Girl Activity Packs.
Example of one of our Dinosaur Pack MagReceptive.
How a MagReceptive Background / Scene is easily attached to a Magnetic Frame. The magnetic sheet is attached to a solid board, and then framed onto an IKEA Fiskbo frame. These magnetic play frames are available in three different sizes and 5 different colours (subject to IKEA availability).
Whilst we have many Activity Packs to choose from on our website, MagReceptives are also great for printing photos so please email if you have a custom order which requires custom prints on MagReceptives so you can display your photos on a Magnetic Wall or Magnetic Frame.This has personally brought so much joy to my household – the fact that it’s on the wall just means that it is incredibly space saving and keeps the mess off the ground – plus they are a lot less messy compared to a chalkboard or drawing board.. and the activities can easily be changed each day. I hope to bring the same joy to your family and your household – and we absolutely welcome your feedback so please feel free to send us an email with your thoughts and suggestions.

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