Country Roads, Take Me Home.

It has been three weeks since we’ve moved into our new home in the regional area of the Great Ocean Road. I cannot even begin to express this feeling of happiness and contentment in my heart. Ever since we’ve arrived, the work has been nonstop… unpacking, sorting, cleaning, organizing, placement of things, settling in, endless chores, endless on the To Do List, gardening, entertaining 12 house guests in one week… and yet, everything felt manageable and my level of stress was very much under control. I didn’t once feel too overwhelmed by it all. The ZEN this place offers makes it all worthwhile. There’s truly no place I’d rather be. This is now my HOME.

I love the serenity of the country, I love the beautiful views – from our home and the beautiful places in this coastal region, I love the hospitality and tourism vibes, I love the small towns, I love the quiet, I love the fresh air, I love that our home has so many rooms and activities space and storage space, I love that we can comfortably host so many house guests without feeling cramped, I love the animals and birds and trees and wind turbines, I just never thought I would love being a country girl so much!

I miss the convenience of having everything within 10 mins drive, but I don’t mind the longer drives here because we have zero traffic. I miss my friends, but I feel like the quality time spent with them while they stay with us for a few nights have been the best memories made with them after so many years of friendship. I will eventually miss a good night out etc, but I have already made plans to do that next month – so I feel like that won’t be a problem haha. .

I asked my husband last night “do you miss our old house?”

He pretty much flat out said “No” hahahaa. I guess I don’t either. I love all the memories we made in that house, but the house itself is just a physical building. Home is where the heart is, and our hearts are right here.

The kids are adjusting very nicely and they love our new home. Just need them to fully settle into their new school, they only just started TODAY – and I know they will eventually get used to it and make new friends. I can already picture them having friends over someday, and they will all hang out downstairs in the garage / activities den / dungeon. Perhaps even a teenage sleepover or a dance party lol.

Update: I saved this post as a draft yesterday, so I am about to finish this next day (today) and hit Publish finally.. the kids had a much better day today on their second day at school. Micah was a bit anxious yesterday, and wasn’t being positive about the change.. but he had a good day today and made some new friends etc. He wasn’t alone and being miserable, which is a great plus! Both kids were very happy at school pick up time which warms my heart. Time is the best thing when it comes to adjusting, and pretty soon they will get used to the new routine and everything will be perfect 🙂

I am just so thankful ❤

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