Oblique, Hepburn Springs

We were so lucky that we didn’t have to cancel our holidays last month, as the dates fell right in between Lockdown #4 and Lockdown #5 in Melbourne. In fact, I have to be honest and say that lockdown #5 came as a somewhat welcome break.. as I felt life needed to slow down a little so we can just rest at home and not get stuck straight into a social routine.

While we were considering holiday destinations this time around, knowing it would be winter meant that I specifically wanted to make sure we had a spa available to use during our stay. So, where else to search but somewhere in Daylesford – the infamous spa town itself! I discovered an amazing website simply called Daylesford Getaways – with all the most beautiful accommodation Daylesford and its surroundings had to offer.

Photo Credit: https://www.dayget.com.au/

At the time of booking, a lot of the places (especially the ones a bit more budget-friendly) were already booked out – but we were so fortunate to have found Oblique, which happened to be available right in the middle of school holidays. The price wasn’t too far beyond our budget either, even though we definitely spent more than we usually would – but this was going to be a nice quiet family getaway so it was somewhat special and deserved a little splurge 🙂

Description: Oblique is one of those gems that Hepburn Springs and Daylesford accommodation has on offer, as it combines the best of both worlds, with a town and bush outlook Oblique is located within a moments walk from the vibrant hub of Hepburn Springs.

A warm and inviting interior evokes a sense of calm. Fresh air, country views and a quiet location allow for a relaxing and serene getaway. Offering flexibility for couples, families or girls groups, the two beautifully decorated bedrooms, both ensuited, provide the choice of two king beds or 4 single beds. Enjoy indoor entertainment and a generous salt water 4 person jacuzzi located on the front deck area. There is also a BBQ and covered outdoor alfresco dining area, making it ideal for all round enjoyment. Guests can opt to dine in or take advantage of one of Hepburn’s best kept secrets… Ruben’s- pizza and pasta restaurant is only moments away, – as are a host of activities, day spas and walking tracks. Live it up… and enjoy what Oblique has on offer!

We spent A LOT of time in that spa, on average 3 times a day for the three nights we stayed there. We also ordered in twice from Ruben’s, literally next door, and Ruben’s has successfully reignited my love for carbs. I am not kidding – I have been avoiding carbs for years, and have always just never been obsessed with pasta, although I do like it, I was never obsessed. Thanks to Ruben’s pasta.. I am now a newfound pasta addict. I have started ordering pasta a lot more since getting back from the trip, and cooking more pasta at home too. Ugh, it was THAT good!

We took it easy and didn’t really do too much while we were there. We visited the Amazing Mill Markets – hubby and I absolutely loved it the last time we were in Daylesford three years ago, so we really enjoyed browsing there again this time around with the kids. We also went to Mount Franklin Reserve – an extinct volcano which we thought was pretty cool to show the kids. We went on a little hike around the crater, it was a pretty nice place for a picnic or basic camping – when it’s warmer haha. It was FREEZING COLD on the day we were there, but we took our takeaway lunch there and ate at the picnic table anyway. Wish we had supplies to easily start a fire with, because there were fireplaces everywhere. I really enjoyed the hike, which took less than an hour so wasn’t too strenuous for the kids.

It was a truly relaxing getaway, and it didn’t need to be child-free at all to be relaxing. If anything, I really enjoy the fact that our kids are old enough now to relax with us. We happily read, watched Harry Potter movies, played games, sat in the spa, went for walks, did some light shopping… all together as a family. And when the kids have gone to bed, hubby and I had our own TV in our bedroom so we binge watched “The Boys” lol. Definitely not appropriate to watch with the kids lol. These family holidays are so precious to me and these moments I would always cherish and look back at quite fondly ❤❤❤

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