Event Photography: Communion Celebration

Over the weekend, I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to be official photographer for a Communion Celebration event for two boys who are brothers. I worked 7 hours non stop from the ceremony at a local Catholic church to a colourful lunch reception afterwards at an event hall. If you ever need a quote for a Kids Event, please email kimbasphotography@gmail.com with details of your event and your requirements as well as how many hours of my photography services you would require and I will make sure I respond within 24 hours! Continue reading Event Photography: Communion Celebration

Book an Outdoor Photo Shoot Session Now!

Autumn is the perfect time to do outdoor photo shoot sessions, in my opinion. The sun is not too bright, so the lighting conditions are perfect. The weather is nice and cool, so you can dress your kids up in cute little coats and not worry about melting in the sun whilst you’re out posing for photos with your family. There’s also more lush green in the park, not the dry, dying plants we see during summer. Before it gets too cold to bear, book your next outdoor photo shoot session now! Email kimbasphotography@gmail.com or message me on Facebook or … Continue reading Book an Outdoor Photo Shoot Session Now!