Stirfried Okra with Garlic, Mushrooms & Anchovies

Growing up, my parents have always cooked okra (aka ladies finger) so I have grown very familiar with this vegetable and various ways of cooking it. However, I do realise that a lot of people have never ever cooked with okra nor have they tasted them. If you have never cooked with okra before, perhaps this simple dish will encourage you to try something new. Okra is really not that scary… it is very commonly used in Asian dishes and has a very unique texture. It is a little… slimy. Please do not let that put you off!! Okra when … Continue reading Stirfried Okra with Garlic, Mushrooms & Anchovies

"Pak Loh Bak" Braised Pork Belly Recipe

OK so I have been very slack lately and haven’t blogged AT ALL, so let me compensate by posting this recipe for “Pak Loh Bak” which is essentially a fragrant Chinese Braised Pork dish which can also be used to cook Braised Duck. Technically, this is not even my recipe, my dad only just emailed this to me today haha. But I’m so happy with how it turned out, I wanted to make sure I don’t lose the recipe and also a few people have asked me to share the recipe already… so OK lah. Here it is! (This recipe … Continue reading "Pak Loh Bak" Braised Pork Belly Recipe

Chinese Styled Steamed Fish Recipe

First and foremost, a very Happy Chinese New Year to all my lovely readers who are celebrating this wonderful festive season. I have just gotten back from my 1-month trip back to my hometown in Sarawak, Malaysia and it was my first Chinese New Year back in Malaysia in 8 years. It was great to be part of the crazy festivities again. Lots and lots of fireworks, very noisy, plenty of great food, catching up with all the family members and friends I have not seen in a long time, also got plenty of sleep while I was there, thanks … Continue reading Chinese Styled Steamed Fish Recipe

Chicken Green Curry inspired by Jamie Oliver

Lately, my kitchen started smelling good again… mostly because I’ve been stuck at home all week due to my son’s Hand, Foot and Mouth disease which makes him very contagious to other kids, which meant no playdates, no going out and spreading germs unless we really had to, no seeing friends during the week (because most friends who are free during the week have kids), etc etc… The first few days were okay, I enjoyed spending time with him and making sure he is happy. Poor little boy doesn’t get sick and sad very often, so it made me happy … Continue reading Chicken Green Curry inspired by Jamie Oliver

Nasi Lemak Recipe

This post is Sponsored by Nuffnang A few weeks ago during my trip to Prahran Market, I picked up all the ingredients I needed to make my own version of homemade Nasi Lemak – one of the most popular local dishes in Malaysia. Majority of the ingredients for this dish were from Lee’s Asian Grocery, which is my favourite stall at Prahran Market. They even had fresh banana leaves to make my dish look pretty and fresh pandan leaves to make my coconut rice smell yummy!I then headed over to the Poultry, Meat and Seafood section to pick up my … Continue reading Nasi Lemak Recipe

Ginger Chicken Recipe

I learnt how to cook a lot of traditional homecooked meals from my parents. These meals are usually very simple, but delicious and comforting as they all bring back my childhood memories of eating at home with my family. Now that I have moved to Australia and have my own family here, I’d like to start my own tradition and document all these recipes here on my blog so someday my kids can learn how to cook these dishes too. I am sure a lot of you out there are in the same boat (Malaysians living overseas) so you might … Continue reading Ginger Chicken Recipe